Instagram Problems + An Adult Coloring Page

Instagram Problems

I’ve started thinking about how my life would be next year upon giving birth.  I’m pretty sure that somewhere between changing diapers and chasing sleep, handling my social networking accounts or even making sure that the blog is alive is the least of my worries. One of the things that my friends & I get OC about are our Instagram accounts and I know it’s one of them things that would probably make people go, “What the heck!?!?”

Last year, I attended a blogging event.  So someone on our table started asking, “Do you get OC with your Instagram?” Everyone was in denial and went

“Oh no.  I don’t even care when I post what…”
“My posts are even consistent…”
“I don’t even edit my photos with VSCO…”

Then the food and some props arrived and everyone started standing, styling and complaining how poorly the room was lit.  Others brought their food somewhere near the window.  People brought out some props (including myself). Hihi.  We ended up rearranging some furniture for some shots.  Lol.

It sounds like the pettiest craziest concern in the world but it’s just fun & challenging to curate a gallery that reflects your personality I guess.

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Meanwhile, sign ups for some of our workshops are still ongoing here:

Also, I don’t know what’s with me lately but I’ve included another adult coloring sheet here. The initial drawing is inspired by our trip to Amsterdam last year (which I realized I still haven’t blogged about until today).  *Woops!*
Free Adult Coloring Page Amsterdam
You may download the free adult coloring page here.

I just realized that if there’s any place that has inspired me about bending the rules of architecture, that’s Netherlands.  First, there’s Amsterdam–especially the reclaimed area with their unique housing projects then there’s Rotterdam.  Both look like some architect & engineers’ playground.  Maybe I should dig up them photos someday so I can share them with you too!  🙂

‘Til the next post! 🙂


Tipsy ♥

P.S. If you’d like to join us in one of them watercolor or digitizing workshops, click here to sign up. 🙂 See ya!

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8 years ago

True! I’ve attended blogger events and get togethers and when the food arrives everyone brings out their weapon of choice! It’s fun to see how each one differs when it comes to their photography preferences.

8 years ago

Pretty sure your social media account will be full of that purple googly gooeys soon. 😀
Huhu. I can’t attend the La Union workshop and even the ones on Sept. So heartbroken. TT_TT Maybe next time. >.<

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