Book Signing + Happy 2 Weeks Riley!

Hello guys! 🙂 Thank you so much to all those who already got a copy of our travel coloring book, Around the World with the Googly Gooeys.  Thanks for tagging us in your photos and updating us with the supplies and where you got them. 🙂  Keep on posting them artworks with the #GGcoloringbook hashtag on Twitter & Instagram 🙂

To those who missed it, Around the World with the Googly Gooeys is now available in all National Bookstore & Powerbooks branches. 🙂  Each book is Php 275 each.  It has 60 pages of coloring & activity sheets.  For those who’d like to order online, you may do so by filling up the form at the end of this page: 🙂

By the way, we will be part of National Bookstore’s Color Pop Fair!  It’s a day of coloring, demo’s and fun-filled activities.  We will also have a quick book signing on that day.  *Actually, I’d like to think of it as an opportunity to do quick portrait doodles on your book.* 🙂  You may bring your book or purchase your copy at the venue.  See you on January 23 at the Glorietta Activity Center from 4:30-6:00pm.  The color pop fair will start at 10:30am though.  Abbey Sy will also be there by 3:30pm to do a demo with Faber-Castell Pitt Pens. 🙂

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This week in baby spam! 🙂 I can’t believe this little hooman is already 2 weeks old!  My baby’s all grown-up. Huhuhu.  *Kidding*  I’m just practicing that line for when he turns one or goes to pre-school. Hehe.  I still can’t believe I actually gave birth.  I feel like this huggable kiddo just appeared on our doorstep and was handed to me one day. 🙂

Goofy Arms IMG_5809 IMG_5810 (w logo)Compared to this post, his cheeks are definitely filling up and he’s heavier by a few hundred grams. Hehe.  I also love how his tiny crib acts as a reflector so I don’t have to bring out one when I take photos of him. 😀

MC Hammer IMG_5884 (w logo)
I’m not really all for blue stuff for boys but I changed his sheets yesterday and here’s Riley channeling his inner ’80’s hip hop vibe with his MC Hammer pants.  If you don’t know who MC Hammer is, then…I’m older than you. 😀 *Woops!*
04 Little Pong Collage 3451 & 3450 (w logo)I honestly never worked this fast in my life!  I realized that when you’re a mom, you have to be efficient.  I feel like I always have a deadline every 3-4 hours because he’s about to wake up.  No time to dilly-dally or meander my way through the day. 🙂  I swear, you have to see how fast I change diapers and stuff or fix our room while he’s asleep.

Riley Here’s Riley looking very much like his dad.  I wanted to wrap him like a burrito but he refuses to be trapped. :)  By the way, lol on everyone thinking that that toy giraffe is a foot tall when it’s only around 7 inches long.  I should probably post a photo of my arm with Riley one day for our common reference. :D

Well, that’s it!
Got to do more stuff before the little one wakes up! 🙂


Tipsy ♥

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P.S. Although I have yet to announce officially, we finally have a new sched for our workshop this year 🙂 It will be on February 21 at Fully Booked in BGC from 1-5pm 🙂  Click here to sign up.

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8 years ago

CUTE ;_;

Wait. I don’t know who MC Hammer is I even Googled him just now HAHA :)) Can’t wait to visit bb Riley again soon! *Auntie Abbey says hallo from the beach haha* 😀

8 years ago

He is one of the cutest baby boys I have seen! I bet he’s even cuter in person! Oh Riley as much as I’d like to see an appearance of you in one of your mom’s comics, I think I prefer actual cheek-filled photos! ^_^

8 years ago

Omgoodnessssss…, Tippy and Ponggo! Riley is so handsome. Kakagigil.

France Ermino
France Ermino
8 years ago

so cute!!!

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