Of Wanderlust and the Big Blog Exchange 2014

I’ve always been daydreaming about the day that I would just be staying at some random place in the world, travelling, blogging and working.  So, when I stumbled upon the Big Blog Exchange website approaching the long weekend in August, I got really excited.  Well, at first, I panicked.  How do we get everyone to vote when we’re 31 days late into the competition?  While half of my brain was busy with that, I also can’t help but daydream about the possibilities of being able to swap blogs and locations with another blogger.

I’ve always whipped up imaginary itineraries in my head.  I would sometimes even dream about them.  My wanderlust was getting stronger and to cure that, I’ve been trying to schedule out-of-town trips lately to feed my soul & imagination.

Above: I’m so amused that the Big Blog X logo shares my love for colors.  By the way, a.s much as I wanted to match each location with a personal travel photo, I tried matching the colors instead. Hehe.

As I wrote in my entry on the Big Blog X page, there is just so much to love about travelling. First of all, there’s just so much inspiration that’s waiting to be absorbed beyond the façade of the landmarks!  I’m guilty of doing the following when I travel:

1. Finding out about the history, language and culture of a country.  – I love taking time looking at signages and analyzing how all European languages are rooted in Greek and Latin and how Spanish words have made its way into the Filipino language.  When a tour guide says, “During the 1800’s…”, I would always imagine what our country was busy with at that time and relate to trades that might have happened between the country I’m visiting and the one I’m from.  I love how Belgium is literally situated between France and Netherlands and how its architecture is a mesh of the two.  During a trip to Macau, I was amused at how all the street signs had Portugese and English translations.  It’s like watching two adjacent watercolors blend with each other.

2. Observing the design philosophy of a country or a city.  –  They would always say that museums are the best places to look for inspiration.  However, I’m also attracted to grocery aisles that showcase the freshest packaging design and gig posters and brochures that give you a clue about the design style of a country and its influences.

Colorful Travel InspirationAbove: Colorful & Delicious Inspirations from Hong Kong

I must say, I’m guilty of having this stash of my favorite travel brochures and tickets with inspirational lay-outs–the ones I got from the tourist office in Belgium and Rotterdam.

3. Enjoying long rides in between cities and destinations as it gives a glimpse of the flora, fauna and industries that thrive in it.  – Where did the Tuscan region get its color scheme?  How much of an orange state is Florida?  How was Hong Kong able to maximize its limited space?  Why is vegetable farming so conducive in the northern region of the Philippines?  These are the kinds of questions I love getting answered while I’m on the road.

Big Blog X Travel Blues & Travel HuesTravel Blues & Travel Hues Upper Left to Lower Right: Mt. Titlis in Switzerland, Rodin Museum & Garden in Paris, Crater Lake of Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines, Kapurpurawan White Rock in Ilocos, Philippines, A Temple in Thailand, The ARCAM in Amsterdam, Sunrise in Bagiuo City, A View of the Atlantic Ocean from Florida. 

4.  Getting acquainted with the ultimate art inspiration–nature. –  When I read that Hostelling International’s accommodations are located in unusual, inspiring and diverse locations, I realized how this was aligned what I believe in when I travel.  While I was growing up, I always thought that it would be best if your place had the easiest access to shops and malls.  However, as I grew older,  while I still enjoyed exploring what the city had to offer, I often find myself longing for more unique locations where I can give my senses a rest.  My best travel memory so far is staying at this inn located by a lake in Switzerland they used to feature on Caran D’ache colored pencils tin can while I was growing up.  I’m also amused how things come in full circle with art material packaging as one of my early travel references.

Browsing through the itineraries that Hostels International would be offering the 16 bloggers, should fate allow, I would love to be assigned to any of the following with a good mix of city life and the countryside where my daydreams belong:  Iceland, Sweden & New Zealand!  This element of surprise of where each blogger is like a fresh new track–a welcome change that will definitely ease me out of of my comfort zone!      

For the longest time, I felt that I’ve been stuck in a routine and endlessly filling up my schedule with work so that I can save up for travel.  But, travelling need not to be expensive and they don’t have to be postponed forever.  Hostelling International offers locations around the globe which you can check out here.

5. Finally, I relish being able to share my travel thoughts and images on the worldwide web, be it through a blog or the various social networking sites available. –  Ultimately, I get to learn from my audience’s tips and reactions while I’m hoping to affect them with my thirst in looking for new sources of inspiration through travelling.

By the way, thank you for all our friends, relatives & readers who have already voted and who have helped spread the word allover the internet.  Please make it possible for me to represent the Philippines and let me share with you my colorful discoveries by voting here:

Philippines Big Blog Exchange 2014

Thanks again & may we never lose our curiousity to explore the world!


Tipsy ❤

P.S. For the lucky Big Blog Exchange 2014 winner that will be assigned to the Philippines, here are some of my recommendations:
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Update as of September 8, 2014

I can’t believe I still haven’t posted this here.  I went around thanking people on Twitter, Facebook & our Personal Facebook I almost forgot about this part much to my excitement. Haha. Thank you so much for your votes guys!  Wow. We didn’t expect that we’d actually still make it to #8 since we’re 31 days late into the competition.  The final results will be announced on the Big Blog X website on the 16th of September!

Big Blog X Finalist

They will be picking 16 bloggers worldwide.  There will be 3-4 bloggers per region and 2 bloggers are wildcards.  Meaning, regardless of the number of votes, they will be picked based on their blog content & motivation.

Anyway, whether or not we win, thank you so much for the support that you’ve shown us.  We feel lucky already to have you!  Also, thank you so much to Hostelling International for hosting this year’s competition.  I already feel that the whole exercise has changed my perspective about travelling.  Ponggo & I have been postponing our personal travel plans for X years now.  Thanks to this whole exercise, you might see us going on a vacation soon! 🙂

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