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Things That Can Make Your Day BetterI never took sleep & water seriously until I became a mom.  I didn’t know how much an hour or two of extra snooze time can bring back my sanity.  Then, there’s water–the amount I drink determines how much food I can provide for my little Rye and the state of my health.  Finally, omg…nicely drawn eyebrows.  It just really helps a lot that I fix my eyebrows even if I’m staying home mostly these days.  I used to do this when I workout.  After some 55 minutes of intense toning / sweating it out, I always look like someone who just finished doing the laundry.  Sooooo, even if I don’t want to put on makeup when I exercise, I just do my eyebrows just so that I have a little self-respect left when I look at the mirror even if I’m exhausted. 😀


Speaking of things that can make your day better, don’t miss out on the following free workshops in Metro Manila!  First off, there’s Ayala Museum’s story stones workshop which comes free with admission! 🙂 The workshop will be tomorrow, January 16 from 3-5pm and it will be held by the members of Ilustrador ng Kabataan (INK).

Ayala Museum Story Stones Workshop
It breaks my heart that I wasn’t able to participate in last year’s painting session since it was so close to my due date!  The INK Story Stones Exhibit at the Ayala Museum will be extended until the 17th of January though. 🙂  It’s something worth checking out!  For more details, visit the Ilustrador ng Kabataan Facebook page by clicking this link.

Graphika PricingOn the other hand, Graphika Manila 2016 will be holding a free talk on Pricing Practices in Illustration & Design.  I’ve always wanted to write a blog post about this but I just didn’t know if I was in a position to do so. Some INKies will be there too: Bru Sim-Nada, Robert Alejandro & Liza Flores alongside with Dan Matutina, AJ Dimarucot, Russell Vergara & Mon Punzalan of Team Manila. For more details, check out A Space’s Facebook page here.

Finally, on the 23rd of January, there will be free adult coloring workshops all day long at National Bookstore’s Color Pop Fair 2! 🙂
National Bookstore Color Pop Fair 2

It’s going to be one whole Saturday of sessions with Abbey Sy, Tepai Pascual, Robby Singh, Iris Babao Uy, Paola Esteron, Clare Magno, INK artists, and Hue Can Do It artists.  We will also be there from 4:30-6:00pm to share our coloring tips & doodle on your books.  Coloring Sheets & art materials will be provided! *OMG* 😀

National Book Store’s Color Pop Fair 2.0 on January 23, 2016, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., at the Glorietta Activity Center.  For more details, visit National Bookstore’s Facebook page here.

Well, that’s pretty much it!  Wow. That’s a lot of free workshops I must say. 🙂 Speaking of workshops, we will be having our first official Watercolor Doodles workshop at Fully Booked in Greenbelt 5 on the 21st of February from 1-5pm.  To those who’d like to join, just fill up the form below:

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Mikaela Imbong
Mikaela Imbong
8 years ago

Ohhhh…So many! Now I don’t know what workshop to go to first! 🙂

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