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Coloring Book Hits Bookstores This Week

Somewhere between waiting to give birth and just having finished a project, I’m actually laughing about the title I just made.  It’s as if I’m doing a feature of a product in the third person. Well, Around the World with the Googly Gooeys will be available in National Bookstore branches this week! 🙂 At first, […]

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adult coloring page, GOOGLY GOOEYS, italy, rome, TRAVEL

Our Lucky Day in Rome

As I’m writing this, Ponggo & I just had the craziest December ever. First, we won a couple of tablets (and yes, doncha worry, we will be giving one away soon), at one of the recent Christmas parties, we won a couple of Bingo games and the days before that, we actually won free tickets

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Postcards from Tuscany

Hello from the picturesque Tuscan Region that’s why I’m calling this entry Postcards from Tuscany.  This is my favorite part of my Big Blog Exchange trip! Above: The typography was done by Ella Lama.   When I was in Naples, I sent Ella a bunch of photos with negative space in it.   I’m just happy

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Why You Should Travel Alone

Why You Should Travel Alone Before I left for the Big Blog X trip (to Italy) and what we now fondly call the Big Blog Xtension (the Paris, Iceland + Amsterdam leg), I met up with most of my friends as if I was going to be away for a couple of years. Hahaha.  One

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Clumsy Girl in Venice

Note: This blog post was written last November 7 while I was on a train en route to Florence.  Thank god for trains!  Here in Manila, when I have to go on roadtrips, I need to stay awake as Ponggo’s navigator / driver but for a change, you will find me sitting down, staring into

Googly Gooeys Burano Colorful Houses

Colorful Houses of Burano

Hello! I’m back! It feels good to be home. Well, technically, I’m not yet in Manila but in cyberspace, I am finallyyyy hoooooome! Anyway, the Big Blog Exchange asked us only to blog thrice but containing all the awesome places in Italy in 3 posts is a bit impossible for me. To start with, I

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My Italian Bucket List

So I pretty much have a week to go and I’m off to Italy thanks to you & the Big Blog X!  So far, my life has changed in fun & funny ways.  First, I’ve been meeting up with high school friends, old and newfound kindred souls on Instagram.   I’m actually amused that I will be back in

Dr Seuss Youre Off Away

Big Blog Exchange: Oh The Places You’ll Go

A year ago, after reading an article about travelling in Frankie Magazine, I told Ponggo that maybe we should write to the government of Iceland and tell them that maybe we could visit their country and blog about it.  Then, we both laughed so hard because it seemed such a ridiculous idea. Fast forward to

Googly Gooeys Big Blog X for Instagram
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Of Wanderlust and the Big Blog Exchange 2014

I’ve always been daydreaming about the day that I would just be staying at some random place in the world, travelling, blogging and working.  So, when I stumbled upon the Big Blog Exchange website approaching the long weekend in August, I got really excited.  Well, at first, I panicked.  How do we get everyone to vote when

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