Somewhere between waiting to give birth and just having finished a project, I’m actually laughing about the title I just made.  It’s as if I’m doing a feature of a product in the third person. Well, Around the World with the Googly Gooeys will be available in National Bookstore branches this week! 🙂

Around the World with the Googly Gooeys

At first, I didn’t know which aspect of the Googly Gooeys we should feature on this book.  Will it be comics that you can color? Then, Ponggo suggested that it should be some sort of story / activity book.  Then, we looked back at all our all our travels & realized, this is something that we can work on. 🙂

World Map Coloring Book Around the World with the Googly Gooeys
That’s why you’ll see a paragraph on most of the pages plus a QR code.  If you scan it, it will take you directly to the blog post behind a particular trip so you can see the inspiration for the page and relive our trips with us. 🙂

Travel Coloring Book MalaysiaPlease forgive my bloated preggy fingers.  Haha. Water retention… I swear…#TheStruggleIsReal

A lot of people prefer colored pencils.  But, since I’m such a fan of solid colors (as evident on this website…hehe), I used markers.

Faber-Castell Pitt Pens Ink Not SeepingAfter trying out some markers, I’m pretty happy with the Faber-Castell Pitt Pens because the ink doesn’t seep as much to the next page unless you press it hard against the paper or color in a tiny space several times.  I also like the fact that I can apply the stuff I do with watercolor using these brush pens:

1) Create shadows with shades of gray. (This is how you can make your work look as if it’s popping out of a page in pictures).
2) Make a color darker by doing a double coat (i.e. shade the same space twice).
3) Cover a bigger area by using the length of the brush instead of its point (i.e. hold the markers diagonally instead of using it like ballpen.)
4) Blend 2 colors while the ink is still wet.
5) Make new colors by doing 2 coats with different colors.

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Currently, The Faber-Castell Pitt Pens are available in the following: National Bookstore, @ScribeWritingEssentials, @PensGalorePH, @EurekaMomentsPH & @DoodleVillePH on Instagram. 🙂
Around the World with the Googly Gooeys Hong Kong

Now we know a good chunk of those who love to coloring books like tiny spaces.  However, the other half are complaining that this is too dizzying.  So, to make everyone happy, we made easy-to-color pages with thick lines such as the one below so you don’t have to worry about coloring outside the lines.  We also included geometric coloring pages of varying levels of difficulty (such as the Hong Kong spread above) for those who want to challenge themselves. :)Around the World with the Googly GooeysIf you’re wondering what that “Survey, survey” page is all about, well, true to the mischievous spirit of the blog, we have activity sections now and then–both coloring pages and multiple choices sheets to give you a break from coloring if it’s ironically stressing you out. Hehe. 🙂

By the way, we’re also giving away 5 copies of this book and 5 sets of 12 Faber-Castell Pitt Pens. Join the Christmas Giveaway here. 🙂 Promo ends on December 26 but who knows, we might extend it! 😉

The coloring books will be available in all National Bookstore branches this week of December 14. 🙂  The book has 60 pages of back-to-back illustrations and is sold at Php 275 each.  So, now you know what to give your friends / crush / love interest / “best friend” and family members this Christmas.  *Hint, hint*. Haha.

But, just in case you want the books delivered to your home, you may order the books directly from us by filling up the form here:

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