Cath Kidston Workshop Paper Boat Preview Image

Watercolor Doodles Workshop at Cath Kidston

Just finished submitting a good chunk of pending work and September is the month where I can just chill & breathe.  By that, I mean, I won’t be spending my nights working until 3am. :O   I will still be busy every day and every weekend but I’m really happy that I can blog again! […]

Letters Colors SG Preview Image

Letters & Colors Singapore / Manila

We just finished another sold out session of Letters & Colors. I’m still chuckling because the last thing I ever thought of when I started working with Abbey Sy is a collab.  We were always busy going about our deadlines together but we had very different styles and palettes. But I guess, we agree on

10 Ayala Museum Preview Image IMG 0017

Watercolor Workshop for Kids the Ayala Museum

I can’t believe it’s really happening!  I’ve always wanted to collaborate with Ayala Museum for years now but I always thought it was a remote idea! The reason why I have so much respect for Ayala Museum is that despite all the rants I’ve been reading on TV & social media about our country, it

Rustans Supermarket Preview Image

Cebu Brush Lettering Workshop with Rustan’s

See you soon Cebu!  We’re holding our first workshop with Rustan’s Fresh Card Holders on July 2.  You may join us by: (1) paying only Php 299 for existing Rustan’s Fresh Card Holders.  A slot is good for two workshop participants. 🙂 (2) becoming a Rustan’s Fresh Card Holder by accumulating Php 5,000.00 grocery receipts

11 Cath Kidston Blog Preview

Watercolor Workshop at Cath Kidston

I can’t believe that when I finally decided to work at home as a new mom, I became busier than usual. :O Last week was mostly spent taking photos and holding workshops.  I’ll be sharing more photos soon. 🙂 Then again, I’m not really complaining.  Maybe it helps that: (a) there’s a baby in the

01 Serendra Heart IMG 0371

Mom’s Day Out: Mom & Me Workshop

I’m so happy that ever since Riley came, we now have more family pictures. The thing is, the hubby and I love taking photos so much that we often forget to have our photos taken. The hubby & I painted this 8 x 9 ft heart 7 weeks after I gave birht.  Our little siopao

11c Never Stop IMG 9703

Letters & Colors Workshop

When I first sat down with Abbey in December 2014 for some supposed art session-turned-four-hours-of-talk, the last thing I had in mind was a collab workshop.  To boot, I knew we had very different styles.  As we went along with our projects, we both knew we were working with very different palettes.  Also, I had

Raccoons Cats Bunnies square

Watercolor & Lettering Workshops + Life Lately

Wahh! Just like that April is over!  After every event, I’m always thinking “Oh, I’ll upload these photos tomorrow” but it’s as if someone pressed the fast forward button.  It even seems that Riley is growing twice as fast as I expected him to be!  He has just tripled his birth weight! This is him

05 DIY Party Desserts IMG 9469

Brush Lettering for DIY Parties

Whew!  What a week.  I was holding workshops & attending meetings and events the past 5 days.  I promised myself I will take a day off.  Well, what I meant by it was I’ll be spending more time with Riley & working (at lightning speed) while he sleeps. 😀 I opened my schedule to accommodate

Letters Colors upright

Letters & Colors Workshop & Basic Watercolor Workshop

I don’t know how many times I’ll start my blog posts with “What? It’s (insert month) already?  I really thought that by March, I would be blogging regularly with comics.  Another month is about to end and so far, I’m only able to do micro-blogging on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.  🙂 Again, thank you for

Googly Gooeys Chatting With Your Friends

Chatting with Friends + Lettering Workshops

The hardest part about chatting is when you have to say good night and your brain keeps spewing out ideas and stories. Haha. I don’t know how many times I have to say good night to my friends and say “Ooooooh! Wait, by the way” …then “Good night” again and so on. Repeat this process

Ballerina Dance Like No Ones Watching1

All About Color This Weekend

Wahh! It’s been a week since I’ve blogged!  Oh noes. I tried staying away from social media as much as I can so I could finish all the crazy deadlines.  So far, I’m done with 2 final artworks, 1 talk, 1 workshop, 2 tiny paintings and I have yet to do 16 pages of doodles,

Googly Gooeys Its Okay
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La Union Weekend

Here’s more of the Flotsam & Jetsam x Vitamin Sea La Union weekend with photos taken by Abbey Sy! 🙂 If you missed the first post, click here. I was around 4 months pregnant when we were there and I just realized that 1) I can no longer bend and squat as much 2) I have limited

Googly GOoeys Making Presentations 500 pixels
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A Presentation + A Workshop with Manix Abrera

My August schedule has been heavy in terms of events but September is proving to be equally challenging with my daily deadlines.  I told Ponggo before the month started that for me to be able to tackle this huge task, I’ll give up blogging so I can streamline my tasks. Well, lo and behold, look

Googly Gooeys Two Sides of a Conversation 500

INK Fest 2015 + Two Sides of a Conversation

I don’t know when I will ever learn to be completely comfortable with the idea of this awkward non-reply in the middle of a conversation.  I must say though that I have improved over the years.  I no longer spend hours and hours questioning myself and doing some useless why-why analysis as to why I

01 Watercolor Doodles IMG 9500

Watercolor & Digitizing Workshops

Hello Guys! 🙂 We’re down to the last 5 workshops of the year. Well, I do have a confession to make. Before, I would schedule workshops only 1-2 months in advance but as soon as I found out I was pregnant last summer, I started booking most of the scheds coupled with tiny notes as

Googly Gooeys Me Vs Sleep
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Work & Some Watercolor Workshops!

Lately, I’ve been working on a project that requires me to draw religiously for at least 4 hours a day.  So far, I’m on track. *Whew!*  It’s challenging and rewarding so far.  I really really try not to fall asleep at night when I have to finish the last few corners of my illustration. Yep,

Googly Gooeys Picking Baby Names Part 2
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Picking Baby Names (Part 2)

We don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl yet but I’ve definitely started picking baby names.  I’ve already hinted on odd choices such as Ampersand & Asterisk in this previous post. The hubby is not pleased…at all. I’m thankful though for all you on Instagram who thought Ampersand was a legit name.

Singapore Workshop Badge for Site

Colorful Days with Pens & Notebooks

Hello Guys! Hm…So what have I been up to lately?  As I’m writing this, it’s still Ponggo’s birthday.  I’ve been very consistent with putting up a social networking ready birthday greeting but today, hormones just took over my life spending most days nursing the late presence of morning sickness in my life.  I’ve always been proud

Googly Gooeys The Design Process revised

The Design Process

Finally! I can come clean about this: The Design Processs.  I mean, I’ve been doing design commissions for almost a decade now and I’ve always wanted to write about all the ridiculous requests for revisions but I can’t.  However, this year (until probably early next year), I’m taking a break from commissions so I can

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