Picking Baby Names (Part 2)

Picking Baby Names (Part 2)

We don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl yet but I’ve definitely started picking baby names.  I’ve already hinted on odd choices such as Ampersand & Asterisk in this previous post. The hubby is not pleased…at all.

I’m thankful though for all you on Instagram who thought Ampersand was a legit name.   I don’t really have an idea if you’re just tolerating my weirdness. Hahahaha. 🙂

As I’ve always said, I hope you’ll still stay with me even if there’s nothing I talk about but waiting for Tiny Pea!  Of course I can talk to you about work, reflections about life, chasing deadlines, sleeping, social networking managing one’s time & such but I feel like I’ve exhausted all those topics in the past 6 years of the Googly Gooeys and I’m definitely welcoming this new change in my life. 🙂



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Picking Baby Names (Part 4)

Meanwhile 2015


Alibata & Nametags

I’ve been seeing all letters & words on my feed lately so I once joked that instead of lettering, how about “numbering” where I posted numbers instead 😛  Since I can’t think of another twist to painting mathematical symbols, I practiced on some Alibata symbols. 🙂
Lettering of Calculus

By the way, thank you so so much to those who have attended the Watercolor & Lettering Workshops last weekend.  The new / open workshop schedules are:

July 25 – Hey Kessy, Watercolor & Lettering, 1-5pm (5 slots left)
August 1 – Watercolor & Lettering, Singapore (1 slot left)
August 2 – Watercolor & Lettering, Singapore (5 slots left)
August 15 – Digitizing, Fully Booked BGC
August 16- Watercolor & Lettering, Fully Booked Greenbelt 5 🙂

You may sign up for a Watercolor & Lettering / Digitizing workshop here.

See you this weekend at the TypeLabMNL! 🙂

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Picking Baby Names (Part 4)
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9 years ago

Ampersand and Asterisk both sound like cool names! the husband and i used to say we’d give birth to an X and a Y. Maybe that’s why we’re not pregnant yet? 🙂

9 years ago

I can’t stop laughing about the “everyone I know with that name is ugly” bc I thought only I thought stuff like that haha. You know the name will just come to you at some point and the second it does you will KNOW that’s the one, relax and let it happen.

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