Cebu Brush Lettering Workshop with Rustan’s

See you soon Cebu!  We’re holding our first workshop with Rustan’s Fresh Card Holders on July 2.  You may join us by:

(1) paying only Php 299 for existing Rustan’s Fresh Card Holders.  A slot is good for two workshop participants. 🙂
(2) becoming a Rustan’s Fresh Card Holder by accumulating Php 5,000.00 grocery receipts OR paying the membership fee of Php 200.  Just approach the customer service team then pay Php 299 for the workshop. 🙂

Materials will be provided & all you have to do is have fun during the workshop session. 😀  The workshop fee already entitles a team of two (2) to join the workshop!

Cebu Brush Lettering Workshop

But, wait! 🙂

I can’t believe we just finished 3 brush lettering sessions with Rustan’s. We did the first one in Rustan’s Supermarket Shangri-La, then their Rockwell branch & finally their BGC branch last Saturday.

11 Tippy Writing (Top View) IMG_1626

Something tells me I should really stop opening my blog posts with “I can’t believe that…”. However, time flies, day in and day out, it’s just like Riley gains a pound and work just flies right before my eyes.

11 Rustan's for Instagram

This particular format of workshop is called Watercolor Brush Lettering. For the first part of the workshop, students get to acquaint themselves with the medium which is watercolor. Participants are taught how to mix colors and do different watercolor washes.

Watercolor Workshop Exercises

01 Rustan's Brush Lettering IMG_1522

Above: Thank you to the hubby for making me look 10 pounds lighter. Yep, that’s me with the lapel mic. 🙂 I really am tempted to sing but I managed to behave so far. Hehe.  The only joke that I’ve cracked while channeling my inner drive thru staff persona was “Hi, may I take your order?” I don’t know if there’s a limit as to how many times I can actually tell that in public. But now that I’ve written it here, the element of surprise (or corniness) is gone. *Awwww*

10 Aunt & Kids IMG_1601The workshop is meant for moms and kids or groups of two so it can be an auntie & niece tandem or a grandma & grand daughter team. :)

Rustan's Shangri-la Participant

For the second part of the workshop, students will be given lettering worksheets and we will be doing a step-by-step brush lettering exercise.  I will also be going around to entertain questions and to check everyone’s work.  But, the fun part is that this isn’t graded so no need to get extra OC. 😀

09 Rustan's Rockwell IMG_1586

08 Row of Participants IMG_0873It’s Rustan’s objective to create a community for their shoppers so I’m just happy that this lovely set-up gives everyone the time for people to bond.  Also, no need to worry if you can’t see the demo on the table as there will be a TV screen. :)

07 Group Photo IMG_1617So happy to have met a lot of memorable personalities: groups of teens, mommy & son tandems, fun yet competitive hubby & wifey teams. Haha. :) At the end of the session, participants will be asked to write their names.  I will also be helping out with the lay-out options. :)

06 Rustan's Leafy Greens IMG_1662

After the workshop in Rockwell, I took the opportunity to go around the supermarket so I can shoot some brush lettering work with grocery & fresh goods as my backdrop.  Ever since I saw this editorial in one of our college magazines, I always daydreamed about the day I could work in a supermarket setting. 😀 <3

04 Milk IMG_1672#HappyKidInside Thank you Alex for helping me out with this shoot and thanks to Rustan’s for giving me the permission to do this.  You could see the rest of our live updates on Snapchat: GooglyGooeys :)

04 Cherry Coke IMG_1634

While the hubby was busy shopping post-workshop, I was going around to take note of the palette of certain products a.k.a. shoot locations. Haha.

03 Ice Cream Waitrose IMG_1638Waitrose is an ice cream brand we can swear by.  Rustan’s Marketplace has a special selection of goods which is why as much as we love to eat out, the hubby ends up cooking at home. In our Philippine culture, usually, the wife is expected to impress the mother-in-law with her culinary skills.

02 Tomatoes IMG_1656

However, in our case, my friends & relatives would always request Ponggo to cook for us.  By the way, as I’m typing this, he’s busy cooking downstairs for his birthday. 😀 Haha. Our favorites our Truffle Cream Pasta & Cream of Mushroom made from scratch.  Okay, not really from scratch because he needs to buy chicken broth. Hehe.  Yes, we are Rustan’s Fresh Card Holders too. 🙂

02 Tippy Rustan's Lettering IMG_1577By the way, just in case you’re wondering, the materials that will be provided in this workshop are as follows.  1 set will be given per pair for sharing:

1 set of 4 Faber-Castell Soft Brushes
1 Faber-Castell Watercolor (12 colors)
1 Pencil
Watercolor Paper
Lettering Worksheets

Rustan's Everyday Creativity

Brush lettering is something you can also do for parties at home when writing your menu, place cards, table numbers, et cetera. 🙂 More DIY party ideas here.

14 Rustan's Mother & Daughter Team IMG_1516

See you in one of the sessions.  To sign up for the workshop in Cebu, just approach the customer service counter for more details.  See you on July 2! 🙂

For our regular workshops in Metro Manila, check out for the latest schedule.  The next one will be Watercolor Doodles on July 16.  More details after the jump. 🙂


Tippy 😀

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