Mom’s Day Out: Mom & Me Workshop

I’m so happy that ever since Riley came, we now have more family pictures. The thing is, the hubby and I love taking photos so much that we often forget to have our photos taken.

Serendra Heart Family Picture

The hubby & I painted this 8 x 9 ft heart 7 weeks after I gave birht.  Our little siopao was asleep but I’m so happy to have been able to bring him to the heart that we painted at Serendra in BGC (Bonifacio Global City).  This was taken before the workshop. So proud that the hubby wanted to wear a cap just because Riley was wearing one too!  Otherwise, he would have made all the possible emoji faces because he doesn’t want his picture taken. *Ugh*

A couple of months ago, I was wondering whether or not I should come up with a mom & me workshop.  It was my first mother’s day ever and I didn’t know if I wanted to work on that day. Hahaha. Luckily, Fully Booked invited us to join their Mom’s Day out event. 🙂

Fully Booked Mom's Day OutAside from our Watercolor Crafts session, they also had storytelling for kids, terrarium-making & yoga classes. :)  Fast-forward to the end of the workshop in May 15, I went home happy.  The noise and energy was different from our usual workshops since this time, we have kids as young as 3 years old joining. :)

While waiting for our turn to use the room outside, I got to talk to most of the moms & kids.  Mattina (above) was particularly amusing as she would approach each kid and say “Hi friend. What’s your name?”

Tippy Go Teaching

Rhea & FamilyEyana wrote me a sweet note at the end of the workshop. You know you’re old when your workshop participant starts their letter with “Dear Tita Tippy…” hahahaha.

Selene TheMistyMomAbove: Shari of TheMistyMom’s daughter Selene
We started the workshop with watercolor washes, introduced color mixing & doodling.  Finally, for the project making, we prepared some animal templates for kids to assemble. 🙂  Sometimes, I don’t really know why I keep on revising and updating the workshop formats.  Preparing the templates wasn’t the easiest task but I just thought it would be fun to do.
MattinaThe adults from the Letters & Colors Workshop the day before enjoyed their Faber-Castell watercolor sets because it can produce vibrant colors and especially teal #priorities. Haha. So, I also introduced these colors to the kids. 🙂

Faber-Castell Watercolor Set

I gave the moms & kids some samples they can follow but it’s awesome how a lot of them came up with their own versions of these paper pals such as Juliette below. 🙂

Fully Booked Mom's Day OutBelow is Jackie of with her daughter Gabbie.  We would always laugh at how it’s hard to take a bad photo with Jackie.  She always knows how to pose depending on the camera angle.  Yes, even when you guys are midway through a conversation.  Gaahhh…I wish I had those skills. 😀

Jackie & Gabbie Go Jackie Go

So happy to see how all the moms have teamed up and for the first time, I have no words.  It just warms my heart to see all of them as I was editing the photos for this blog post. <3 <3 <3
Monique & Mattina
Monique & Mattina
Ki-te & BellaKi-te & Bella
Kristin & JulietteKristin & Juliette  Shari & SeleneShari & Selene

Fully Booked Mother and Daughter WorkshopShari & Selene
Rhea & FamilySince it’s a Mom’s Day Out kind of workshop, I wanted to come up with a special gift for the moms & kids.  I just didn’t know what it was going to be but I was hoping it would be something fun & something that would make them happy.  So, thank you to our Nuffnang Philippines family for saving the day, Potato Corner, Marks & Spencer and Monde Philippines for sending some love our way! 🙂
Marks & Spencer, Monde Muffins & Potato CornerI must admit, that’s already the second set of muffins, fries & chocolates as we already consumed the first batch before the shoot.  How to be a food photographer / blogger? I have no idea. Hahaha.
Tippy Go TeachingAs I was sharing with my friends, that day, I was torn between teaching & taking photos.  *Well, I always am. Then again, in my minds, there were too many moments I wanted to freeze in time (such as Jackie stealing Riley for a bit..haha), the kids beaming and such.* 
Gab of TakbophAlso happy to have had Gab of & join the workshop that day.  Her mom & I can’t wait for Riley & Gab to play together someday. 🙂
Watercolor Crafts Group PicThanks again to all those who went to the mom & me workshop! Hopefully this is the first of more workshops for kids! 🙂

03b M&S Monde Potato CornerThanks again for our goodie bags Potato Corner, Marks & Spencer + Monde Philippines!
‘Til then. 🙂

Tipsy, Ponggo & Riley 🙂

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8 years ago

OMG all the kids are so adorable and let’s not forget about your little siopao! He is too cute to even! Ahhh! Whoops, too many exclamation points there. Haha. Also, how did you manage to lose the baby weight fast? You’re looking good Tippy.

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