The Design Process

I can come clean about this: The Design Processs.  I mean, I’ve been doing design commissions for almost a decade now and I’ve always wanted to write about all the ridiculous requests for revisions but I can’t.  However, this year (until probably early next year), I’m taking a break from commissions so I can finally talk about it! *I feel so free!* Hahaha.

But, as much as I’d like to rant, I can’t.  I think I’m just:

(a) happy enough I don’t have to go through this right now or
(b) I just finished working out and my anger towards random things has been re-channeled to my fats.  *Hello endorphins!*

The Design Process Love-Hate Relationship

Well, I’d like to think I’m the type who understands that revisions are always part of the design process. I’m actually fine with revising it especially it doesn’t seem to be aligned with the client’s vision and brief or if it has something to do with alignment, typo, rearrangement of elements.  But, when it gets to the part where we’re only revising just because the client is constantly looking at new pegs or they don’t know what they really want, that’s when the process really irks me.

But, then again.. Yeah..I’m too happy to rant and expound on this.  Hehe.

Watercolor & Lettering Workshops
Meanwhile, I noticed that lately, my body’s at it’s calmest when I paint or lie down and read a book.  I was able to work on some exercises the past few nights.  I know I have deadlines to tackle but when I think I just need a break from everything, I start picking up a pen and a brush to de-stress.

Watercolor Alphabet Poster
By the way, here are the new Watercolor, Lettering & Digitizing schedules.  The June 13 session in Alabang is already full but you can check out the workshop details & sign-up sheet here.

Watercolor & Lettering WorkshopMore gradient & lettering exercises.  Well, I have Abbey Sy to blame for this.  I’ve been watching her prepare her alphabets.  On the other hand, I was tired of seeing my brush lettering style.  I just felt it needed to evolve.  So, I drew some chubby letters like I used to as a kid (because yes, there were no fonts or computers for projects then. Hehe.)  I colored them and now, I feel they look like something that would have been produced if the alphabet soup noodles and fruit loops decided to have kids. 🙂

Watercolor & Lettering Exercise

Anyway, see you at the workshops! 🙂


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Cym Marzan
8 years ago

They’re so cute and look like cut-outs placed on paper!

Abbey Sy
8 years ago

Hi mom! Hahaha. Sorry nahawa ka sakin. But I owe you for pushing me to work on the road to abc stuff during my crazy week! <3 At least you got to unwind with painting your cute alphabets. Hahaha. :p

Karole Mandap
Karole Mandap
8 years ago

Love it. Cute and Colorful :))

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