Brush Lettering for DIY Parties

Whew!  What a week.  I was holding workshops & attending meetings and events the past 5 days.  I promised myself I will take a day off.  Well, what I meant by it was I’ll be spending more time with Riley & working (at lightning speed) while he sleeps. 😀

Brush Lettering Name TagsI opened my schedule to accommodate private workshops and most of them were brush lettering sessions. (I’ll blog about them soon!)  What I really love about holding workshops is that you get to learn new things.  Either the participants have new questions or you’re forced to think on your feet and adjust the module depending on the pace of the class or whatever element the new environment presents to you. *Why is this sounding like a reflection / term paper?*
Brush Lettering Dessert Labels

Anyway, I always toyed with the idea of coming up with a D-I-Y Party Brush Lettering workshop but never pushed through with it until now.  I’m just thinking that maybe, during the next workshop session, I can cut up the papers in different shapes so people can go beyond writing quotes.  They can write names, table numbers, thank you cards, menu and labels. :)Brush Lettering Menu & Table Number

I used my Faber-Castell watercolor set here. When I say “USED” it almost always means “used and abused”.  Haha. I’m not a very neat worker in the sense thaat I always try to make the most out of what my stuff can do.

Faber-Castell Watercolor SetThis is actually the same watercolor set & group of brushes that I give out during workshops.  I just like the fact that it’s very close to how I work with my watercolor tubes.  I don’t have red on my palette & I usually mix them.  Also, I don’t use purple, I mix my own shades of indigo, purple & red violet.  :) My favorite mixes from this set are:

(1) Magenta + Orange = Red (Add more magenta if you’d like it to look rosy or orange if you want to make it look fiery)
(2) Yellow Green + Deep Blue = Teal (Yessss!)
(3) Magenta + Deep Blue = Purple (Add more magenta if you want to produce red violet and add more deep blue if you want to produce a midnight blue / indigo shade). 😀

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Brush Lettering Party IdeasAs I would always share during workshops, really, a lot of the stuff you will discover by accident.  For example, with colors, a lot of them I discovered when I ran out of a certain supply or when I was looking somewhere else and mixed some random hues.  Also, there was a time when I would write down my favorite color combinations so I wouldn’t forget. 🙂

07 Yellow to Orange IMG_9476
A common question on Instagram and during events would be what brand of watercolor is it that I’m using?  I like what Kuya Robert (Alejandro) and Abbey shared with me.  Just use the one you have.  For example, in this case, the Faber-Castell 12 watercolor set can actually produce a lot of colors if you just knew which ones to mix. 🙂 I teach share at workshops too.  Also, this is available in all National Bookstore branches so no need to think where else you should buy.  The brush that comes with the set if geared towards gradients, blending & washes while the pack of 4 brushes are bouncy enough for brush lettering.

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06 Riley IMG_9478I’m just amused that as I was ending this post, the sun was setting and amidst the shadows was Riley’s nametag. :) Well, I’m just happy that I got to play with him as much as I wanted to today!  I don’t know why he loves his tiny giraffe so much but I’m just happy because it’s one of the very few things I bought before I gave birth. I managed to upload a video on Snapchat: @googlygooeys.  Well, it’s a 1 second vid apparently because I’m a Snapchat newbie. Haha.  I never thought I would ever jump on the bandwagon but some days, I’m just too busy to come up with a decent post on Instagram! 😀

‘Til the next blog post. 🙂


Tipsy 🙂

P.S. The next brush lettering workshop will be on June 5 at Fully Booked in BGC.  We also have another Lettering workshop in collaboration with Abbey Sy on April 14.  Hurry, we have 4 slots left. 🙂 Sign up below for workshop or workshop news:

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