Watercolor Doodles Workshop at Cath Kidston

Just finished submitting a good chunk of pending work and September is the month where I can just chill & breathe.  By that, I mean, I won’t be spending my nights working until 3am. :O   I will still be busy every day and every weekend but I’m really happy that I can blog again! *OMG* Having said that, I must say that I’m also grateful for the workload that came in, I believe it has helped me increase my tenacity & perseverance for more challenging work. :O 😀

We had our Watercolor Doodles Workshop at Cath Kidston last July 17 & when I woke up today, it’s already September 5!?!

Cath Kidston Workshop

Just in case you missed our tour of Cath Kidston in BGC, check out this blog post:

Cath Kidston Wall of Mugs We usually have our workshops in a classroom type setting so it was refreshing to have it in a room that’s visually stimulating.

Watercolor Workshop BGC Cath Kidston

I always stress how important it is to have a personal style when doing art so it’s just apt that we’re holding it in a venue that has done the same thing.  Cath Kidston’s vibe & palette have been very consistent for the past 23 years. 🙂

Watercolor Doodles Bea

I know I’ve blogged about our previous workshops so many times but if there are a couple of things that I still haven’t mentioned, here they are:


Cath Kidston Mugs for Kids

(1) The workshop is process-based more than output-based so really, it’s not about how good you draw but how open you are to new instructions and changes.  Focusing on how the process improve your work is really important especially when you want to keep on practicing after the workshop.


Watercolor Doodles Cath Kidston

(2) It’s okay if you’re afraid to draw.  I think a lot of people have fears.  But, by joining the workshop (or even just picking up a pencil at home), half of the battle is already won by facing your fears.

Watercolor Doodles Workshop

(3) The workshop gives you tools in discovering your personal style.  I would always get questions about the specific brand and names of colors that I use but I always tell people to just pick that colors that appeal to them and the subjects that speak to them.

Faber-Castell Colored Pencils

(4) While the workshop is limited to watercolors, I’m also including community materials for sharing such as Faber-Castell Watercolor Pencils, Polychromos Colored Pencils and Pitt pens.  After all, your work can be a product of mixed media. 🙂

Cath Kidston Tote Bags & Counter

(5) The class will focus on drawing hands, animals & people but I’m just amused how this batch has combined animals & people. Now we have dancing animals. Haha. 😀

Watercolor Doodles Bunny

In my list of Twitter tips, one of the things that I included there that design can be applied to a multitude of surfaces & not just paper.  It’s just refreshing to create something in the middle of a number of designs already printed on different materials.

Cath Kidston Surf Hire Lunch Boxes

Cath Kidston Workshop Participants

27 Surf Hire IMG_1316

I particularly love this take on the beach houses. 🙂 It deviates from the usual subjects of flowers & London but it still has that quintessential Cath Kidston feel to it.  I’m also a fan of working with creamy color schemes so I can’t help but look at this design several times. 🙂

Cath Kidston Group PictureJoin us for another round of Watercolor Doodles Workshops:

September 17 – Costa Coffee Eastwood, 1-5pm
October 9 – Fully Booked BGC, 1-5pm
October 16 & 23 – Watercolor Doodles for Kids, 9am-12nn, Ayala Museum
November 13 – The Untitled Space, 1-4pm (Singapore)

Materials included in the workshop are as follows:

1 Faber-Castell 12 Watercolor Set
Watercolor Worksheets
1 Pencil
1 Googly Gooey Tote Bag
1 Googly Gooey Notebook

The workshop is inclusive of snacks & drinks.  Sign up below for a slot, tips and art event news. 🙂

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