Lately, I’ve been working on a project that requires me to draw religiously for at least 4 hours a day.  So far, I’m on track. *Whew!*  It’s challenging and rewarding so far.  I really really try not to fall asleep at night when I have to finish the last few corners of my illustration.

Yep, I told my friends I’m finally accepting the title of “illustrator” because I draw every day and the title “drawer” doesn’t sound so nice.  *Yep, corny.*  I can’t wait to reveal the details of this project soon and I really hope you’ll enjoy this once it’s out. 🙂

Me Vs Sleep

Since I’ve been drawing on my computer practically every day, I really enjoy the little breaks I’ve scheduled for myself.   This week, I was in a couple of watercolor workshops.  Last weekend, I attended a brush lettering workshop by Joanne of The Letter J Supply who came all the way from Singapore.  Her approach to brush lettering is refreshing.  We held the brush in a different way, we were writing giant letters and we were standing up.  As a result, we produced something that looked more fluid compared to our normal brush lettering output.

Well, okay. I wasn’t able to do that in the picture but this actually gave me a renewed love for brush lettering.  It makes me want to write huge letters alllllll daaaaay! 🙂  So, if you’re in Singapore, check out Joanne’s schedule. 🙂

Brush Lettering with Letter J Supply
Thank you so much Abbey for helping out with my IG posts lately especially now that I take so much time when I reach for something on the floorrrr!  I was sitting on concrete & Abbey’s phone was over my head when this was taken. Lol! Hahaha. #InstagramProblems

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Yesterday was another welcome break.  We did a mini workshop at Heima store in celebration of the OhBD furniture collaboration since it’s all about colors and spontaneity of brush strokes.  As I was preparing the workshop kits, I smiled.  I saw names of mostly moms and these days, I really enjoy interviewing moms.  Haha. To the younger people reading this blog, it’s like when you’re preparing for a college entrance exam and you ask everyone who’s ever done it for tips! 🙂

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OhBD Press Launch Mini Workshop

First off, thank you to Heima & Design Cafe PH for hosting this workshop.

Watercolor & Lettering Workshop Patty Laurel Kathleen Cat Juan Rica Peralejo
I grabbed a few photos from Patty’s Instagram. 😀 L-R: Kathleen Penaranda the birhtday girl, Patty Laurel, Cat Juan Ledesma & Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio. 🙂

The workshop was pretty laid back and I was really grateful for the bonding session vibe. I’m also really happy to see Patty!  The last time that I saw her was at her baby shower.  She was 7 months pregnant then and I was clueless that I was already 1 month pregnant.  Yesterday, tables have been turned as I’m now officially six months pregnant while this is her at 2 months post-giving birth. 🙂 How do people ever bounce back as if nothing really happened to them? Haha.

Heima Patty Tipsy & Ponggo

Heima OhBD Watercolor & Lettering WorkshopFront Row (L-R): Patty, Rica, Kathleen.  2nd Row (L-R): Yours trulyyyyy, Cat Juan-Ledesma  and our cutie patootie youngest guest for the day Nara, Jenny of Smart Parenting, Joanna of, and Maris of Manila Bulletin Style Weekend 🙂

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Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 10.50.19 PM

Thank you so much for these sandwiches The Galley!  I’m such a sucker for tuna sandwiches and I told Ponggo that I’ll just share with him.  But noooooo, I actually inhaled ate the whole thing. 😀 Thanks as well to Easy Skate Surf for our coffee, Bayani Brew for the Iced tea and Cookie Bar Manila for the cookies!

OhBD Couch & Brush LetteringI don’t know why I tend to gravitate towards pink & blue.  At this point, I can already hear Abbey & Mansy saying “On brand!” Lol.   LA of Heima was quick to grabe the OhBD lettering demo I made placed it on the Amelie Settee. 🙂   This got me thinking, “What happened to me?” I used to be able to walk around really fast and I can easily think on my feet, conduct workshops and take photos at the same time? Haha.  These days, I’m waddling.  I try not to but it’s sooooper convenient.  Now I should research on that camel walk that Patty said is actually more comfy for pregnant women.  Haha.

OhBD Mini Workshop
More snaps from the workshop from Patty the hubby Ponggo. 🙂

Nara Juan-Ledesma Cat Juan-LedesmaHello Nara! You look at home beside those OhBD Star Trail Pillows. 🙂

Thanks again to everyone who came and took the time off from their office or driving all the way from Alabang!  This really means a lot to me. 🙂

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You may check out the rest of the Oh Brighter Days collection on Heima’s website and Instagram! You may also contact the store directly if you see a piece you’d like to bring home. 🙂

‘Til then!


Tipsy ♥

P.S. Whew! Feels good to be able to blog again!  I’ve been pouring my thoughts over Twitter and wondering why I can’t seem to stop myself from Tweeting.  Then, I realized, I haven’t blogged in a week!  I shall be back soon. 😀

P.P.S. And the moment that you’ve been waiting forrrrrrr…Here are the winners of the blog giveaway:
1. Dienne Aika (@Dtzrgza) – winner of the full watercolor set, pad & brushes! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what else you’ll be coming up with! <3
2. Cym Marzan
3. Erna San Luis
4. Bea Reyes (@_beareyes)
5. Nat (@TheDreamCatcher28)

Congratulations! Please send your full name, contact number & mailing address to Ponggo[at]GooglyGooeys[dot]com by September 13.  We will be picking new winners should you fail to give your details after the said date. *Oopsies!*

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