Chatting with Friends + Lettering Workshops

Googly Gooeys Chatting With Your Friends

The hardest part about chatting is when you have to say good night and your brain keeps spewing out ideas and stories. Haha. I don’t know how many times I have to say good night to my friends and say “Ooooooh! Wait, by the way” …then “Good night” again and so on. Repeat this process until someone actually falls asleep or drops her phone on her face! Haha.

Does this happen to you too? 🙂

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Sweet Message


Thank you so much to those who signed up for all our workshops this year.  As I’m typing this today, we’ll be holding our second to the last workshop and people have been asking about new schedules. 🙂 May I suggest Abbey‘s Lettering Workshops?

ABCs of Hand Lettering (Googly)IMG_7180

To date, her ABCs of Hand-Lettering Book is a best-seller and now on its third reprinting. 🙂  I’m also happy that the Googly Gooeys has been featured as one of the featured artists in this book. *Thanks Abbey for being my hand model.* Hehehehe.

So, what is it that sets Abbey’s lettering workshop apart from other workshops?  Hers is lay-out intensive and her “Firsts” workshop encourages students to use easily accessible tools such as fine liners and markers. 🙂

Sign up for Abbey Sy’s workshops here.

As an overview, here are her course outlines:

Abbey Sy Lettering Workshop

Firsts: A Basic Hand Lettering Workshop
November 21 (SAT) | 1-4PM | Hey Kessy Studio, Katipunan

Pads and pencils out and about in this basic hand lettering workshop tailor fit for beginners and anyone interested in learning the ABC’s of hand lettering. This introductory course also teaches the process of 123’s, from creating unique letterforms to applying different styles.

Fee: PHP 2,700
(Inclusive of a curated workshop kit & snacks)

Kit includes:
Hand Lettering Guidebook
Hand Lettering Cheat Sheet
Sketch Pad
Pencil, eraser, ruler
Micron 0.1 and 0.4 pens
Dong A Twin Marker


Sign up for Firsts.

Abbey Sy Lettering Workshop
Seconds: An Advanced Hand Lettering Workshop
December 13 (SUN) | 1-4PM | Open Space, Jupiter, Makati

Add a splash of color to your world and to your words in this advanced hand lettering workshop. Learn the discipline of watercolor through the fun of playing with paint and palettes, all at the tip of your brush.

Fee: PHP 2,850
(Inclusive of a curated workshop kit & snacks)

Kit includes:
8-color Prang watercolor set
Pencil, eraser, ruler
Watercolor Guidebook
Watercolor Pad
Practice Notebook
Canson watercolor sheets

Sign up for Seconds.

Good luck & hope you learn something new before the year ends!


Tipsy ♥

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8 years ago

All the time! Sometimes we even forget that we were sleepy and in bed in the first place and just continue chatting till dawn. Haha.

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