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Here’s more of the Flotsam & Jetsam x Vitamin Sea La Union weekend with photos taken by Abbey Sy! 🙂 If you missed the first post, click here. I was around 4 months pregnant when we were there and I just realized that 1) I can no longer bend and squat as much 2) I have limited energy and I always need a nap to recharge. So, thank you so much Abbey for being incredibly helpful with my posts. She always helps me styling & content creation. She was on top of a chair for this one while her phone was just right above my head as I was seated on concrete for this one (while we were both trying to ignore passers-by). Haha. Instagram problems indeed! #TheStruggleIsReal. 😀
Flotsam & Jetsam Hostel
We arrived at the colorful, chill & laid back Flotsam & Jetsam Hostel for the Vitamin Sea weekend as organized by Block Party & Type Kita. Mansy, Abbey & I were just here when I was clueless that I was already 1 month pregnant and I’m just happy to be back! 🙂
This is probably my last out-of-town trip before I pop. Huhu. These days, the hubby is paranoid that he might have to rush me from some corner of the Philippines to Metro Manila if I ever have an untimely birth. We live near a hospital so he’s been ignoring my requests for a roadtrip lately. Fine, fine. 😐
El Union Coffee Dancing Doodles

Above Left: My Tiny Dancers, Above Right: El Union Coffee! Woohoo. We’re so happy it’s now inside the premises of the hostel! 🙂 My personal favorite is mocha and that cookie on skillet. *Sigh* Now I think I know what to look for tonight! 🙂

Watercolor Playdate June Digan Abbey Sy

Yay for a watercolor playdate with June & Abbey! We would always talk about paper and paint and we promised to bring our stuff to the venue so we can try out everything.

For those who would like to explore new materials, meet-ups with friends are the most ideal. Instead of buying right away and realizing you don’t need a brush or a certain brand of paper / paint, you get to discover why a particular brand works for your friend–how it suits their style and such. 🙂

Watercolor Workshop by the Beach
Above: First out-of-town workshop for zeh year just after our first out-of-the-country workshop. 🙂 Well, since I’m from the other side of Metro Manila, Alabang sessions technically feel like an out-of-town trip to me. Hehe.
Surf's Up by June DiganAbove: June Digan‘s Surf’s Up mural
Below: Jelvin’s WallI love how both designs effortlessly fit the vibe of the area! 🙂

Ride the Waves by JelvinStaring at these is making me hope that I could do some colorful geometric mural by next year when I’m able to move around. Anyone willing to volunteer their walls? Haha.

All in all, I’m grateful for this opportunity for a bonding session / workshop weekend. My friends and I all had huge deadlines to tackle but this is a nice break from all the stress that the city brings and we hermits need to schedule an time to interact with people once in a while. Haha. 😀


Tipsy ♥

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