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We’re down to the last 5 workshops of the year. Well, I do have a confession to make. Before, I would schedule workshops only 1-2 months in advance but as soon as I found out I was pregnant last summer, I started booking most of the scheds coupled with tiny notes as to how far I will be in my pregnancy and when I’m allowed an not allowed to travel.  Haha.

We’ve been doing mostly Watercolor & Lettering Workshops throughout the year with a bit of Digitizing sessions every quarter.  Here are our last 5 schedules:

October 17 – Watercolor Doodles at Fully Booked in Greenbelt 5, 1-pm
October 18 – Abstract Watercolor Workshop, Hey Kessy in Katipunan, 1-5pm
November 8 – Watercolor & Lettering, Fully Booked Alabang, 1-5pm
November 14 – Watercolor Doodles, Fully Booked Greenbelt 5, 1-5pm
November 29 – Digitizing, Fully Booked BGC, 1-5pm

The course outlines & descriptions are as follows:

Watercolor Doodles Workshop

Watercolor Doodles – The topics that will be covered are:
1. Basic Watercolor Washes
2. Color Mixing Demo / How to Make Your Colors Vibrant
3. Coloring in Doodles (Yes, you will be coloring in those tiny dancers as part of one of the exercises). 🙂
4. Doodling Demo, Tips, Methods & Exercises
5. Guided Project Making

This workshop is great for:  1) Fans of adult coloring who want to acquaint themselves with a new medium aside from the usual markers & colored pencils that people use. Now, did you know that there are a lot of adult coloring books out there that can accommodate watercolor? 🙂
2) Those who are afraid to draw but would like to learn the workflow behind producing watercolor doodles.
3) Those who are already familiar with the medium but would like to take their watercolor skills beyond brush lettering.

8-color Prang Set (Those who already have a watercolor set may deduct Php 200.00 from the workshop fee).
2 Round Watercolor Brushes
270gsm / 300gsm Watercolor & Doodling Worksheets
1 Pencil
1 Eraser
1 Googly Gooey Tote Bag
1 Googly Gooey Notebook

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Workshop Fee: Php 2,700.00 (inclusive of snacks & drinks)



Watercolor & Brush LetteringIntroduction to Watercolor & Brush Lettering
The topics that will be covered are as follows:
1. Basic Watercolor Washes
2. Color Mixing Demo / How to Make Your Colors Vibrant
3. Brush Lettering Exercises
4. Lay-outing Demo & Tips
5. Guided Project Making

8-color Prang Set (Those who already have a watercolor set may deduct Php 200.00 from the workshop fee).
1 Brush Marker
2 Round Watercolor Brushes
270gsm / 300gsm Abstract Watercolor Worksheets
1 Pencil
1 Eraser
1 Googly Gooey Tote Bag
1 Googly Gooey Notebook

This workshop is great for:  Those who love lettering and typography but have never tried watercolor as a medium or vice versa.  

Workshop Fee: Php 2,700.00 (inclusive of snacks & drinks)

All courses are meant for first-time users of watercolor.  🙂 All participants will get to try working with Daler Rowney Artist’s paint in tubes from Fully Booked.

Digitizing Workshop
Digitizing Workshop
Participants who feel like they are ready to take their watercolor & lettering skills further by converting them into digitized files may sign up for this workshop.  To give you an idea, the illustration we did above for Heim Interiors are made up of digitized watercolor washes.  Also, all Googly comics starting 2015 are made up of digitized brush lettering work & brush doodles. 🙂

Topics Covered:
1. A Presentation on Digitizing Samples and an Introduction to Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop
2. Adobe Illustrator Functions
3. 4 Ways of Digitizing (1 soft copy as well as the elements will be e-mailed before the workshop)
4. Mastery & guided project making

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Things to Bring:
1 fully charged laptop with Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop installed (any version will do).  Interested participants may download the free trial verison from Adobe.com.

If a participant wishes to work on a specific project (e.g. a poster / invite), s/he may inform us in advance and s/he can prepare the scanned watercolor & lettering files to be able to maximize the session.

Minimum Requirement:
Participants don’t need to be familiar with either software as long as they have a good background of Microsoft Powerpoint and are familiar with dragging visual elements on their computer.

Refresher Course:

Previous participants of this course may sign up for a free-of-charge refresher course but must inform us via e-mail (ponggo[at]googlygooeys[dot]com) in advance so we can manage the number of slots.

Workshop Fee: Php 3,500.00 (inclusive of snacks, drinks & 1 optional refresher course)

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Well, what are you waiting for? 🙂 Sign up for a workshop below:

(P.S. For those who are joining the promo, no need to sign up.  We will be getting your details after we have announced the winners.)

Watercolor & Digitizing Workshop Giveaway (Contest Closed)
P.S. To thank you for all the support that you’ve been given to us this year and since this will be the last leg of our workshops this 2015 (as we don’t know when we will be back next year depending on our new life as parents), we’re giving away 2 workshop slots.  Please note that once the winners have been chosen, they can choose 1 session from the last 5 schedules and the date may not be moved. The slot is also non-transferable. This will just be a quick promo and we will be picking winners by the 23rd of September so spread the word about this! 🙂

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Comment which workshop session you’d like to win below & follow the instructions on the widget to register your comment. 🙂

The winners of the workshop are:
1. Rhobz Villanueva
2. Faith Yeo

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