Watercolor Workshop at Cath Kidston

I can’t believe that when I finally decided to work at home as a new mom, I became busier than usual. :O Last week was mostly spent taking photos and holding workshops.  I’ll be sharing more photos soon. 🙂

Then again, I’m not really complaining.  Maybe it helps that:
(a) there’s a baby in the house & just seeing Riley makes me forget that I have 99 other things to do. *Oops.*
(b) I’ve always wanted to take photos of stores & now, I have the permission to do so! *Wee!  I just can’t explain how happy I am to be able to do this.*
Cath Kidston Coming Up

I clearly remember getting giddy when I went to Cath Kidston in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong so seeing a branch here in the Philippines is just <3. 🙂  I also read their book Coming Up Roses and it’s one really good non-fiction reference if you’re into stories about brands.

Cath Kidston Philippines Mugs PencilsAlso, I’m in awe how Cath Kidston’s color palette is consistent despite how they would tackle different subjects: flowers, horses, polka dots, houses, sailboats, they have it all! :)

Cath Kidston WorkshopThis is me just imagining how awesome it would be to be sitting down surrounded by palette and visual inspo while painting. :)

Cath Kidston Aprons

Cath Kidston Apron with Birds IMG_1325

Aprons, anyone?  I know it’s meant for the kitchen but I have this wishful thinking of donning one of these when I paint. 🙂 I have damaged too many tables, tops & dresses already. *Yikes. Haha.*

Cath Kidston for BoysOf course, I do have a soft spot for stuff for little boys now that Riley’s in my life.  I’m so happy things for boys don’t have to be all blue.  It can be a bunch of other bold & bright hues too!

Cath Kidston for Boys

Cath Kidston Stationery

Well, what can I say?  The stationery section of the store is just too tempting. 🙂 How are you supposed to unsee things even after you close your eyes? Hehehe.

Cath Kidston Stationery IMG_1332

Cath Kidston British Soldier PrintsI’ve also been thinking about buying tote bags for all my other stuff.  It seems that one bag is not enough now that I’m a mom.  Is it just me or do other moms feel this way too?

Every single time we go out of the house, it’s as if I’m carrying a fourth of my possessions with me in my car. *OMG*

Cath Kidston Lamps
09 Cath Kidston Soldiers Table IMG_1379There’s just so much that your eyes can feast on!
It's always Sunny at Cath Kidston GlassesI’ve never been to UK but I’ve always wanted to see those bathing boxes  IRL.  Google it & you’ll love what you will find. 🙂

Cath Kidston Bonifacio Global City Active FunIf you are familiar with how I draw, I’m really a fan of solid colors and it has always been a puzzle to me on how you one can create depths without gradients.  These designs are the answers to my long-time question. Hehe. :)
Cath Kidston Florals

Cath Kidston PensJust to give you an idea of how big the store is, this is how it looks like.  Now I’m wishing it was sort of an extension of my home / studio. <3

Cath Kidston BGC

…and if ever, I would love to have some extra space to put colorful paper sailboats on my floor too! 😀

Cath Kidston Paper BoatsThe sailboat print below is my favorite so far.  By the way, for this particular workshop, the challenge is to draw using the Cath Kidston Palette / characters using Cath Kidston designs. :)

Cath Kidston Sailboat Bags

Cath Kidston Onesie for BoysAs usual, I’m still on the lookout for stuff for little boys. :) <3

Cath Kidston Floral Bag

I don’t know what’s up with me.  I always love taking photos of details.  Maybe I’m just amused how this print paired with print works!  I should learn how to do this too! <3

Well, I hope you enjoyed the mini tour of Cath Kidston in BGC.  It was so hard to choose which photos I was supposed to post! Haha.  I know it will be doubly hard for me to leave the store on July 16 without buying that sailboat printed pouch!  Oh noesssssss.  Haha.

Learn more about Cath Kidston Philippines by visiting their website & social media pages:

Cath Kidston 
Website: CathKidston.com
Instagram: @CathKidston.ph
Facebook: Facebook.com/CathKidstonPhliippines 
Twitter: @Cath_Kidston

Don’t forget to the following Cath Kidston branches near you:

Active Fun
Ground Floor Active Fun Bldg. 9th Avenue and 28th Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

UP Town Center
2nd Floor Unit B223-B224
Katipunan Ave., Quezon City

Level M2,North Triangle
Depot Commercial Corp. Edsa cor. North Ave., Quezon City

Greenbelt 3
Ground Floor Greenbelt 3 Ayala Center
San Lorenzo Makati City

See you at the Watercolor Doodles Workshop.  By the way, I’ve revamped the course outline *yet again*.  Every single time I get to learn / observe something from the previous workshop, I add it to the next one.  As I always say, to make the most out of the session, I encourage everyone to ask more questions because it will help you, your fellow workshop participants & the future attendees. 🙂

Here goes zee Course Outline:
1. Watercolor Washes & the Different Approaches Per Wash
2. Color Mixing Demo & Exercises
3. Doodling People
4. How to Draw Hands
5. Doodling Animals
6. Guided Project Making
Cath Kidston DoodleMaterials:
12-color Faber-Castell Watercolor Set
270gsm / 300gsm Watercolor & Doodling Worksheets
1 Pencil
1 Eraser
1 Googly Gooey Tote Bag
1 Googly Gooey Notebook

See you guys on July 16, Saturday from 1-5pm.  Sign up for a slot below. 🙂

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In Photos: Watercolor Doodles Workshop at Cath Kidston

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Jacqueline Balea Patubo
Jacqueline Balea Patubo
8 years ago

Cath Kidston is love. But you and especially Riley is so so so love as well! ? But… watercolor doodles workshop… why does our time never match? ? Hehe. Congrats on being a work from home mom! I would loooove to be like that someday! 🙂

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