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Googly Gooeys Picking Baby Names Part 4
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Picking Baby Names (Part 4)

So, Ponggo & I were talking the other day & we were thinking, what if the baby was born on Christmas eve or Christmas day? We were picking baby names and toying around with the idea of changing his second name to something else like Noel, Christian, Emmanuel and stuff? Then, we thought of names from Christmas songs like Rudolph, Daher, Prancer, Frosty (the snowman) or even Olaf as our friends suggested so at least it’s more updated thanks to the animated movie Frozen.

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Amsterdam in 48 Hours

Wahh! It’s been more than a year since we’ve been to Amsterdam.  I always felt guilty about not being able to blog about this! This was the last leg of our trip after the Big Blog Exchange last year.   Fall was in full swing and the colors of the city were really pretty!  I just

Googly Gooeys Generating Ideas
GOOGLY GOOEYS, pregnancy diaries

Of Ideas, Bloggys 2015 and Baby Clothes

Sorry for being MIA here on the blog and Instagram lately.  I spent the past few days catching up with some family time and preparing our tiny home for the newest member of our family. 🙂 I felt so adult when I bought a couple of drawers and groceries.  It’s feels like bahay-bahayan but not with

Googly Gooeys Trick or Treat
pregnancy diaries

Trick or Treat + Pregnancy Diaries

I’m not a big fan of costumes because I feel I’m so done with them with my dance classes as a kid but I do love the idea of being able to receive chocolates for Halloween! 🙂 Posts About Chocolates: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs & Chocolates Chocolate Cake Recipe Calorie Counting Now at 1 day

Googly GOoeys Making Presentations 500 pixels
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A Presentation + A Workshop with Manix Abrera

My August schedule has been heavy in terms of events but September is proving to be equally challenging with my daily deadlines.  I told Ponggo before the month started that for me to be able to tackle this huge task, I’ll give up blogging so I can streamline my tasks. Well, lo and behold, look

Googly Gooeys Things Ive Accomplished Today
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Of Exercise & Refilling the Calories Burned

Today, I really wanted to concentrate on my deadline.  But Ponggo noticed  I was getting burned out so I decided to start my day by exercising in the morning instead.  After that, I found myself refilling the calories I’ve burned. *Oops* People ask me why I still exercise, well, I always do for my mood

Googly Gooeys Me Vs Sleep
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Work & Some Watercolor Workshops!

Lately, I’ve been working on a project that requires me to draw religiously for at least 4 hours a day.  So far, I’m on track. *Whew!*  It’s challenging and rewarding so far.  I really really try not to fall asleep at night when I have to finish the last few corners of my illustration. Yep,

Googly Gooeys Picking Baby Names Part 2
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Picking Baby Names (Part 2)

We don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl yet but I’ve definitely started picking baby names.  I’ve already hinted on odd choices such as Ampersand & Asterisk in this previous post. The hubby is not pleased…at all. I’m thankful though for all you on Instagram who thought Ampersand was a legit name.

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Colorful Days with Pens & Notebooks

Hello Guys! Hm…So what have I been up to lately?  As I’m writing this, it’s still Ponggo’s birthday.  I’ve been very consistent with putting up a social networking ready birthday greeting but today, hormones just took over my life spending most days nursing the late presence of morning sickness in my life.  I’ve always been proud

The Rude Pregnancy Test
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Coming Soon: A New Googly Character

Hello Readers, When we started the Googly Gooeys, people on Tumblr kept on asking me what our characters would be like if & when we had kids.  Well, since it’s going to be pink + blue, they’re going to be different shades of purple. Fast forward to some 6 years later, I noticed some symptoms

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