Today, I really wanted to concentrate on my deadline.  But Ponggo noticed  I was getting burned out so I decided to start my day by exercising in the morning instead.  After that, I found myself refilling the calories I’ve burned. *Oops*

Things I've Accomplished Today Working Out & Eating

People ask me why I still exercise, well, I always do for my mood and for my health and I just don’t want to feel like I can’t reach my toes anymore.  Also, I’m trying to strengthen my knee and make sure that I’m within the required weight gain so I don’t develop gestational diabetes or something (as pregnant woman are more likely to have an elevated blood sugar at a certain point).

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By the way, these days, people just rub my belly and say “for good luck” to which I reply “I’m not Buddha”.  Well, it’s a fun and funny thing how people smile at the sight of a pregnant woman’s belly and how everyone’s so kind to me lately since I look like a teddy bear walking like a penguin.  If this is how considerate everyone will be, I’d like to be pregnant forever. Hahaha.  If you go to Ayala Malls, you’ll get free passes to the lounge and pregnant parking.  I feel special already! 🙂

I haven’t been able to update you lately but yep, I’ve been keeping tabs of my thoughts.  I don’t know how my future son will react to this someday but I think it’s worth recording at least for our tiny family’s sake. 😀 If you missed the previous updates, you may check it out here or collectively, you may just click on this Pregnancy Diaries link. 😀

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By the way, I also hashtagged all my preggy-related Tweets #HelloTinyPea. 😀  I’m not very good at coming up with creative hashtags but this one, I used because the first time I found out that I was pregnant, the baby was tinier than a pea and now it’s around a little over a foot tall! 🙂 It’s supposed to remind me about this magic of sorts happening inside my belly.  The hubby thinks otherwise, when I let him feel his kicks, he says it’s like there’s an alien growing inside my belly, elbowing & kicking my guts–literally.  Thanks Ponggo!

Day 79 – With a bigger tummy plus more love for food and sleep, I therefore declare that the panda is my spirit animal.

Day 80 – Lol at the people who think that only the Googly character is pregnant. Someone Tweeted that they thought I just made up this interesting story that only the pink goo is giving birth. Haha. 😀

Day 81 – Baby’s not just doing his/her kicks & hiccups. He’s moving about! I think I have a tiny dancer inside me.  According to the latest ultrasound location, it’s his butt that’s twitching.  Ha!

Day 82 – This baby inside me is having too much fun playing the let’s-kick-mommy’s-intestines-or-bladder game.   Thank you child, your mom is getting free work outs by walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  Honestly, I’m already welcoming these breaks as they train me how to wake up every something hours–a peek into my future life.

Day 83 – ♩ ♪  You make what doesn’t matter fade to gray…♫ ♬ An officemate told me years ago that the joys of having a child is that you eventually forget the other things that don’t really matter.  When I get caught up in the tiniest of issues, I just look at Riley’s pair of tiny blue shoes and his chevron bed sheet and I smile.  🙂 *Wait, may I have a box of tissue? #Hormones*  Yes, I plan to name him Riley (not because of Inside Out) but the hubby wants to name him Igor (as in Frankenstein’s son).  Remember that debate about whether or not we should have him named Ampersand?  Poor child born with weird parents. 😀 *Evil grin*

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Day 84 – Our baby’s got ninja skills. Now you see him/her, now you don’t.  Sorry, just one amused pregnant woman.  When I see myself in the mirror when I work out, I only look like I’m pregnant when I take the picture of my profile.

Day 85 –  Went to 4 locations to search for soya milk today. All out of stock. Wahh!  Last August, I had this thing for freshly-pressed juices.  I was actually insulted if Ponggo handed me a tetrapak of juice or an artificially juice in a bottle.  “I can smell all the chemicals & preservatives”.   Lol.  I don’t know why.  I finally had my fill of fresh juices, now it’s soya month.  You’ll find me downing soy milk (and I only prefer those that come from Chinese restaurants with syrup on the side).  I also like cold & hot taho.  I don’t like tofu as a viand though.  I wonder what will I be into next month?

Day 86 –  Everyone’s so kind to me & offers to carry & pick up stuff. May I be pregnant forever?

Day 87 – You know your tummy’s getting really big when you can put your cellphone on it & it doesn’t fall off.  My dresses are also starting to get shorter because of my tummy.  The other day, I was in a hurry.  I put on some dress I thought was loose according to the last time I wore it.  I actually looked like I forgot my pants.  *Doingk* #NeverAgain

Day 88 – As much as I love hearing moms share their experiences, I’m also being interviewed by other friends.  Yesterday, Jamie, Meg & I decided to hang out at a resto after an INK meeting.  *Watch out for the INK fest at Fully Booked this October 23 by the way!*

Anyway, somewhere between half-dancing to imaginary hip hop tunes and drawing, we were talking about odd & fictional pregnancy scenarios.  I was asking them if this line of thinking came with being an illustrator where you had to reimagine worlds for kids. We felt totally sorry for the couple who sat near us and overheard our stories.  I hope they were able to finish their food.  We promise to behave in public next time. 😀

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After that, I was off to dinner with some equally weird high school friends (and we know we are anyway, there’s no denying). 😀  You know when you feel so normal because you’re with your kind of weird? 🙂  On days like these, I wonder why I lock myself up and punish myself with deadlines!

Tipsy 🙂

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I’ll be doing a Abstract Watercolor Demo at the Katipunan Art Fair on the third of October! 🙂  The art fair over at Ninyo Fusion Cuisine has no entrance fee. 😀  I will be with Abbey Sy & June Digan so this will definitely feel like our La Union reunion of sorts. 🙂

 Katipunan Art Fair Abstract Watercolor

Be sure to check out more details on Katipunan Art Festival’s Facebook page. 😀 See ya!

P.S. We will also be having an abstract watercolor workshop in October, fill up the form below to register. 🙂

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