Of Ideas, Bloggys 2015 and Baby Clothes

Sorry for being MIA here on the blog and Instagram lately.  I spent the past few days catching up with some family time and preparing our tiny home for the newest member of our family. 🙂 I felt so adult when I bought a couple of drawers and groceries.  It’s feels like bahay-bahayan but not with play money this time. Hehe.

These days, I find it challenging to sleep since all my weight is concentrated in my abdominal area and thighs.  The other night, I found myself while washing the dishes at 2am then barrage of ideas suddenly visited my mind.  “What!?!?!?!” I told myself.  A list of blog post ideas suddenly came rushing in.  *What the heck!*  Haha. I mean, I’ve been so unproductive that day.  Been trying to squeeze my brains out and forcing myself to finish some tasks but was unsuccessful at it.  Then, there I was at an unholy hour, typing some keywords on my laptop before I went to sleep.

When Trying to Produce IdeasEven when I’m sleepy, I still try to jot down my ideas. I’m just afraid they’ll eventually fly away.  It feels like being able to see a tree ripe with fruits ripe for picking.  As one of the songs from Phantom of the Opera articulates it, maybe our senses at night time are less defensive so we’re suddenly receptive to new information. (?) *Am I even making sense?*

But yes, it really sucks when I’m too tired or sleepy to type anything.


MeanwhileYesterday, something unexpected happened!  The Googly Gooeys won the Art & Entertainment Category at the Bloggys 2015! 🙂

Bloggys 2015 Googly Gooeys

Thank you so much to the judges of Bloggys 2015 including Maria Ressa of Rappler, Donald Lim, the chief digital head of ABS-CBN, Abe Olandres of Yugatech, Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet, John Nery, Editor-in-Chief of Inquirer.net & more!   This is our first local win so thank you so so much to all those of you who have been supporting the blog since 2009.

As we’ve shared during our quick thank you speech yesterday, this blog initially started as a web comic blog for the two of us but we just felt that there’s so much that needs to be documented in the dynamic local art industry.  Filipinos are very creative and we sensed it was somehow our duty to share it on our blog. 🙂

By the way, congratulations as well to our fellow Nuffies:
Pinoy Fitness, winner of the Health & Fitness Category
The Soshal Network, People’s Choice Award, Lifestyle & Hobbies


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Continuing this task of capturing visuals, yesterday, before I went to Bloggys 2015, I dropped by Heima Britxon for the launch of Googoo and Gaga’s collection together with other brands. 🙂 *What a run-on sentence.*

Googoo and Gaga Mushroom Print

The timing was right as I just finished fixing Riley’s stuff.  I noticed he’ll be wearing a lot of baby blue clothes so I was looking for an alternative palette just to balance it all out. 🙂

I’ve heard of Googoo and Gaga for years now.  It’s the brainchild of entrepreneur Audrey Dimarucot and artist AJ Dimarucot.  I came across AJ’s name when I was still trying my luck on Threadless.com and finally heard him speak at one of the Graphika Manila conventions.  Googoo and Gaga offers a twist to kids’ clothes by offering quirky and edgy prints!
Shirts You Can Color Googoo and Gaga

Coloring books are all the buzz these days but GooGoo and Gaga was able to offer a twist with this Coloring Tee! 🙂 So many young artists gathered yesterday to color in their shirts.  They were concentrating like professionals! So intense.  Haha.
Googoo and Gaga Coloring TeeBut I’m amused that this particular kid requested that I take his picture too! 🙂  Sounds like me when I want to Instagram my work-in-progress. 😀 I was also happy to see some dress designs.  After the OhBD collab I promised myself I’ll have one of my designs printed on a dress but still didn’t do so no thanks to my ever-changing body. 🙂 Hehe.  So, when I saw the dress below, I was really amused!  I wanted to get it but I must wait until my body decides on its final size next year after I give birth.

06 Googoo and Gaga IMG_0623I bought the onesie version of this smart fox print below for Riley. So much for trying to avoid blue.  Well, this is at least in a desaturated hue so I guess it shall be excused.  :)

Googoo and Gaga FoxThese prints were also cleverly applied to other surfaces by entrepreneurs that Googoo and Gaga has collaborated with. There were art prints by Wooden Canvas, oh-so-cute tiny shoes by Suelas, newsboy caps & bowties by Style Me Little and backpacks by Gouache Bags! :)
Suelas Wooden Canvas Style Me Little Googoo and GagaWhen I announced to my friends that I’m pregnant earlier this year, they reacted that this whole blog might turn into a mommy blog and my Instagram would transform into baby spam.  Well, I told them I can’t promise it won’t.  But I said I’ll try to do it as colorfully as I can! 🙂  I hope I’m still able to keep my promise so far! 🙂


Tipsy ♥

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P.S. Explore the quirky designs by Googoo and Gaga here:
Website: GooGooandGaga.com
Facebook: GooGooandGaga
Instagram: @GooGooandGaga
Twitter: @GooGooandGaga



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