Picking Baby Names & Making Baby Cake Toppers

Picking Baby Names Weird Baby Names Asterisk Ampersand

We don’t know yet if we’re having a boy or a girl but I’m definitely picking baby names for fun.  Every time I get the chance to glance at names, I try to pick my favorites.  I did it during the ABC’s of Hand Lettering book launch & I would also do it when going through my workshop sign up sheet.  So far, Ponggo’s totally against the names Asterisk & Ampersand. We’re not having twins but I just thought a weird mom-to-be must give equally “unique” names to her child as a legacy. LOL.

Anyway, here’s a continuation of my pregnancy diaries.  I swear, I try to refrain from updating this but I just can’t with so many new things happening in my life. 😀

Day 39 – So morning sickness finally kicked in late in the game.  My usual triggers are soap, toothpaste & overeating *oops*.  I have to change my soap and the process of buying a new one is funny, arduous & torturous at the same time.  Today, I was at the grocery trying to smell all the body washes and checking to which variants I wouldn’t react to and trying not to puke in between.

Day 40 – Every time I feel a contraction in my tummy, my dad tells me to rest. He says that my baby might think “Hay, my mom never stops moving.” I told my dad, well, actually, that’s what the doctors say about my baby too–it’s always moving.

Day 41 – When someone tells me “Congratulations on your pregnancy”.  Sometimes, it sounds to me as if they’re saying “Congratulations! You won a big sack of hormones!”

Day 42 – When I find myself waddling with my feet turned out I start thinking “Awww…You’re starting to walk like some legit pregnant woman!”  Then, I suddenly realize “Nahhh…You always walked like thanks or no thanks to ballet.  Helloooo? Remember your friends even wanted you to take walking classes before your wedding?”

Day 43 – Today’s thought: Wow, there’s so may people in this country & I’m about to contribute to its population!”

Day 44 – It gets tricky when I say “My inner child is happy. I’m referring to the younger version of myself and not the CHILD growing INSIDE me.

Day 45 –    They were having a hard time conducting my ultrasound exam because the baby kept on moving. I think our child is a future swimmer or dancer.  Oh wait.  All babies are swimmers by default. 🙂

 Meanwhile 2015

This was a hangout that was 2 years in the making.  Lisane of Cottontail Cake Studio & I have been planning to meet up to make cake toppers for a while now but our scheds never matched.

Cottontail Cake Studio Baby Gumpaste

Finally, we agreed to meet up yesterday at Royal Picadilly, her sister’s restaurant.  They gave me gumpaste & food coloring to play with but I just got overwhelmed with the medium.  I realized, I’ve been working with flat elements all the time so the whole 3D aspect is really new to me.  I watched her & her sister Lora work on a baby topper & some flowers instead.

Cake Decorating Tools
Some tools!  I didn’t even know these existed.  These are probably the cutest most colorful art tools that I’ve ever seen.  Paint brushes tend to play it safe: they usually have wooden handles and basic colors such as red, black & green.

Gumpaste FlowersHere are some flowers.  I also made one for myself but it was nowhere near this quality. Hahaha. Cake decorating can be fun & I’ve always daydreamed about these things since I saw a feature on TV when I was a kid but it also takes a lot of practice and time spent figuring out how you’ll execute your design.

Baby Cake Topper
Here’s the finished baby! *Yeah!* I had my picture taken with it because technically, the baby in my tummy is only as big as this–3 inches. Hahahaha.

Cartoon Figures GumpasteThanks Lisane for the instant 3D portrait! Wow! :)

Cottontail Cake Studio is accepting orders for all occasions: birthdays, weddings & parties.  They’re also holding workshops once in a while.  I suggest you check out their website and discover more about their cutesy & whimsical design (not to mention quality work)!

‘Til the next cutesy hangout! 🙂



P.S. I’ll try NOT to bombard you with my baby journal. Wahahahaa. *As if I can.*
Anyway, if you missed the first two, here they are:
Coming Soon: A New Googly Character
Pregnancy FAQ’s

Cottontail Cake Studio
Instagram: @CottonTailCakeStudio
Facebook: CottonTailCakeStudio
E-mail:  inquire@cottontailcakestudio.com
Landline: (02) 435 38 19
Address: Cake orders may be picked up at 2nd floor of Petron La Vista, Katipunan Ave. cor., Mangyan Road, Quezon City, Philippines

P.P.S. New workshop schedules have been posted on the Google form here. 🙂

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8 years ago

Keep the updates coming Tippy! I don’t mind really. Actually, I thought this was as long as the first post and I found myself a tad bit sad because it ended earlier than I thought it would. Haha!

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