Trick or Treat + Pregnancy Diaries

Trick or TreatI’m not a big fan of costumes because I feel I’m so done with them with my dance classes as a kid but I do love the idea of being able to receive chocolates for Halloween! 🙂

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Now at 1 day shy of being 8 months pregnant, I’m actually excited about being able to bring a baby to Trick or Treat next year!  I can dress him up as a ghost, teach him how to say BOO and have all the chocolates to mahhhself! Yarrrr!

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I don’t know how many times you’ll hear this from me but I’ve been busy the past 8 weeks.  It seems like each month is trying to beat each other in terms of busyness!  I haven’t had the time to continue my pregnancy diaries but I’m just relieved I got to hashtag all my tweets #HelloTinyPea so I can document them on the go.

Day 89 – Time flies!  Just 4 years ago, we announced on our Tumblr account that we were getting married. Now,we’re talking about having a kid!  🙂  Thanks to those who have been with us
since those days!

Day 90 – So, we still don’t have a decent name for the little one. Well, I do have a name–two names actually but the hubby does not approve.  While some moms must have done research, I stumbled upon my baby’s name on a random page from my favorite magazine, Frankie.   Upon seeing the ad, I told myself that whether I’m going to have a girl or a boy, I’ll be giving him/her that name.
Picking Baby Names (Part 3)

Day 91 – None of my workout clothes fit me anymore. I grabbed one of the hubby’s large tees for tonight’s workout. (I wrote this more than a month ago only to realize that my old workout clothes still have the capacity to stretch! I just end up looking like some teddy bear clothed in a cling wrap of Climacool clothing!)

Day 92 – Achievement for the past 4 hours: Not thinking about food.  But now, I’m hungry. I must eat again! My weight & appetite just went UP. I’d like to think my body’s busy producing a human being so I must feed it with energy.  But really, it’s so hard NOT to think about food these days! :O

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Day 93 – I’m always hungry and the struggle is real. I actually ended up Googling about it.

Day 94 –  I wonder if this hooman inside me will inherit his daddy’s cheeks. #CheekyCheekyBoy

Ponggo as a Child Cheeky Boy(As of last week, the 4D ultrasound was able to confirm the presence of chubby cheeks.  Well, let’s find out by the end of this year). :)

Day 95 – I’ve read so many times about having a pregnancy brain where you tend to forget things due to anxiety about your life changing real soon or the mere lack of sleep because of your baby’s movements.  I didn’t believe it until one day, I ended up microwaving an empty plate and ordered some food via drive thru the next day and forgetting to claim it!  Wow.

Day 96 – Riley has generous grandparents and so far, we have two boxes of clothes plus X more clothes from my mom’s friends. Lol.  These days, when my friends ask me what they’re supposed to give me, I just tell them they can buy diapers for the baby instead since we practically have everything sponsored by our family.  Lucky first grandchild! Please don’t turn out to be spoiled. Anyway, I ended up shopping for a tiny toy giraffe, a bunch of colorful things.  I’m oh-so-happy boy things don’t just come in blue these days.

Day 97 – This is me at the moment. I’m like a belly-rubbing avocado.  Watch the GIF on @Picame’s Instagram here:
Pregnant Avocado Picame
Day 98 – Where did my feet go? I can’t see them anymooooooore!

Day 99 – I met Rain, the daughter of fun & funny food blogger Pickiest Eater and I told her, “Look, there’s a baby inside” as I pointed to my belly.  She placed her hand on my tummy and curious as to how the baby got there, she asked, “Did you eat it?” It makes a lot of sense actually. Hahaha.

Day 100 – I don’t now which one is it that I’m more afraid of: 1. beating deadlines or 2. giving birth in the near future.  Moms attest I should be more concerned with the latter.

Day 101 – I’ve been feeling crazy: I’ve been talking to my tummy for a while now. I’ve been getting kicks & squirms as a response. My pregnancy app Ovia has warned me about this and I always thought it was weird & funny.  Well, look who’s talking? Now, I never feel alone because I know there’s a tiny hoooman inside me. 🙂

Day 102 – Potential Halloween Costumes:
1. Britney Spears One More Time school girl costume with my preggy belly. (Scandalous!).
2. Tamagotchi or Humpty Dumpty

Day 103 – I seriously can’t wait to lie on my tummy next year! It’s been almost 8 months!  I also can’t lie on my back that long because the weight of my belly feels like it’s crushing my back. At night, I consciously have to change positions from left to right because I’m just so heavy!

Day 104Abbey & I would meet sometimes and on certain days that she has to drive, she would share how she’s worried about parking & I always tell her, “Trust the pregnant woman!” *Rubs belly*

Day 105 – My workout instructors are very attentive and they always modify whatever it is that I’m doing if they ever see me having a hard time.  For the record, I’ve been doing the same workout before I got pregnant and I took a pre-natal class to brief me on how to make my load easier for me and the baby.  I’ve been doing some combo of pilates and dance.  But, I don’t jump and move across the room anymore when I dance. I mostly move my upper body, calves & heels.  I’m so relieved it helps me with my water retention, back aches and agility.  I’ve danced for 13 years as a kid and spent some time on ice for 5 years so although I may not have the typical dancer’s body (ho ho ho), it’s always looking for movement.  Kindly note that each body and each pregnancy is different but for anyone curious, you may contact:
(63) 9178094392
(632) 5530870

#ThisIsNotASponsoredPost Lol 🙂 Just a shout out to the generosity & sincerity of my teachers. 🙂 *Hallo!*

Day 106 – I swear, if you want to see some kindness in the world, get pregnant.  A couple more months and I’m back to being the usual ignored citizen of the world.  Oy vey.  But, Facebook friends have reassured me that people are also kind to moms with kids.  Noted, noted. 🙂  By the way, a massive shoutout too to Facebook friends too for all the kind responses every single time I post something pregnancy related.  This clueless mom-to-be will be forever grateful).

Here are some highlights from the past few weeks:

(a) We entered a restaurant and the receptionist told us that you’re fourth on the wait list.  But, as soon as she saw my pregnant belly, she looked for a seat right away.

(b) I told the waiter “table for two please” and he apologetically said, “I’m terribly sorry ma’am but we can only give you a small table since all the booths have been occupied”. Ooh. I didn’t even say anything about the booth. 😀

(c) I was sitting in a cafe and I kept reaching for my bag on the floor.  A waiter gave me an extra seat without asking.

(d) I was waiting in line and someone in the bathroom was taking too long.  I didn’t really mind but a very concerned waitress pointed me to a restroom nearby.

Well, that’s it so far!  Whew, that was a mouthful.  Thank you for staying ’til the end of the post.  I don’t know what is it with me but I guess I have this penchant for recording things ever since I got my first diary when I was 10. 😀

‘Til the next post!
Wish me luck on my new deadlines. 😐


Tipsy ♥

P.S. See you this Saturday for Zig Philippines’ Calligraphy Fair! I’ll be doing a demo from 11am-1pm.  Well, basically, I’ll gladly doodle on your paper / postcards / bookmarks because I always wanted to do that since I was a teenager. Hehe. For more details, click here.

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8 years ago

LOL! Come to think of it, having a little someone to do trick or treating has its perks too. Free chocolates! Hahaha. On a different note, your hubby seems to have those cheeks even as a kid. I wonder how he reacted after seeing you post his childhood photos. 🙂

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