So I was initially planning not to find out the gender of the baby because I thought that there’s already so much that science could tell you these days so why not leave out one tiny detail so things would be more exciting inside the delivery room! 🙂

It's a Boy It's a Girl Guessing Baby's Gender

I shared my plans with Ponggo & my mom. As the weeks went by, they saw that I had no concrete plan of finding out, they were so irked, irritated, and annoyed. (Oh wait, aren’t those synonyms?)  In short, they thought I was crazy for letting them suffer trying to guess what kind of stuff they’re supposed to buy.  Was that even a problem? I mean, can’t people just buy all white stuff, green, yellow & geometric baby things instead? If it’s a girl, even though the character Tipsy is pink, I wouldn’t want all her stuff to be pink.  Or, as this article puts it, I don’t want her stuff to look “like Barbie and the Pink Panther butchered each other“.

So I thought I had an awesome plan (just like I still think that giving the baby the name Ampersand is still cool because I’m geeky like that).   But, as the days passed, I grew outnumbered and pressured.  Wow.  Pressure, for this!?!?! The last time I felt helpless and pressured was when I was planning for a DIY wedding when it wasn’t such a common idea yet in local weddings around 4 years ago. Anyway, I finally found out the gender of the baby the other day.  It’s just so confusing &  funny how there are all these myths and mixed reactions as to what I’m supposed to be carrying.   As an excited soon-to-be mom, I still can’t stop myself from having all these bizarre thoughts and amazement about my growing belly.  Thanks to my non-preggy friends for bearing with me as I give them bits & pieces of pregnancy trivia every single time. *Woops!* Things like:

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“Did you know your blood volume grows by 1.5x thus making you heavier and making your gums bleed when you floss them?”
“Did you know that you’re required to gain 25-35 pounds if you’re within the correct BMI range?”
“Did you know that the baby’s size doubles from their 4th to 5th month: from 5 1/2 to 10 inches?”

Day 70 – According to my pregnancy app, the baby is now the size of a Bok Choy.  Hey, hey!  Bok Choy Go sounds like a legit name? How about that?

Day 71 – I no longer have to worry about trying to consciously make my exercise easier for my body.  I just feel like I have a big barrier on my tummy now.  There’s so many things I can’t do conveniently (like a full squat) so my workout feels easy breezy (beautiful…Cover Girl).  😛 #Corny

Day 72 – Thank you for all my priority parking Tiny Pea! 🙂

Day 73 – The hubby puts the WE in “WE’re pregnant!”  I swear, just look at his growing belly.  #WhatIsCompetitive

Day 74 – Thank you pregnancy for sparing me from the pressure of having abs for the next n months.  I have all the excuse to gain weight…Well, almost. At least within the required range. 🙂

Day 75 – Rubbing my belly  & thinking, “Perlas na bilog, ‘Wag patulog-tulog, sabihin sa’kin ang sagot: baa-be-bi-bo-bu.  (This is a rhyme from Batibot, my favorite TV show when I was younger where a fortune teller character recites this chant to her crystal ball).

Day 76 – Because the hubby doesn’t approve of Ampersand, I’m now trying to come up with common & more socially acceptable baby names but as I’m & thinking, “Awww…non-weird, normal, boring, unexciting”.

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Day 77 – New hobby: trying to feel baby’s kicks (which honestly feels like some gut & intestine elbowing).

Day 78 – It’s a _______. Well, you have to write your guess at the comments section of this blog post.  I just really thought it would be a fun game since this blog is all about the characters and all.  I mean, I’ve shared with you guys how we got engaged, when we got married and now, we’re happy to be sharing this journey of buildling a family with ya! 🙂

Notebook & Holbein Giveaway (for Instagram) copy
So here’s how the blog giveaway goes: We’re giving away 5 notebooks.  If it’s a girl, we’ll be giving out Tipsy notebooks and if it’s a boy, the teal ones with Ponggo on it.  In the spirit of welcoming something new,  I bought tubes of the watercolor brand I’m using and handpicked my favorite colors.  One of the 5 winners will be taking home all the tubes together with the new wooden brushes and a Van Gogh watercolor pad. 🙂

You may join the promo on Instagram by posting this on your account with the hashtag #GooglyGiveaway.  Just start your entry with “I think it’s a ______”, tag 5 of your friends and @GooglyGooeys.

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