Instagram vs. Real Life + Preggy Diaries Continued

I missed making comics so much! It’s been a whiiiiiile!  I’ve been stuck with all the back end operations doing errands here and there.  Although, I must say, that part was also a refreshing break from getting stuck and finding myself zoning out while scrolling my feed on different social networking sites. 🙂

Instagram vs. Real Life

A couple of weeks ago, I was working out & I chanced upon a couple whom I always see on Instagram.  I really wanted to say hi to them but I realized, they don’t really know me. Haha. I tried not to stare at them though.

Yesterday, someone I usually see on Instagram & Twitter for years now was walking towards me.  I smiled at her.  Then, I realized that ugh, even if we talk to each other online, I don’t actually post a lot of pictures of myself so she gave me an awkward “I-don’t-really-know-you” smile. Hahahaha. *Darn it!* I always forget whom I only know online & who I actually know in real life. Gahhh…

So, how things have been lately?  Yep, here goes, preggy diaries continued! The baby in my tummy has been relatively chill so far except for the tiny kicks at night.  Honestly, they feel amusing and I was teary-eyed the first time I felt the baby.  But it could be freaky at times when you least expect a movement. Hehe.  😀

By the way, I realized, I haven’t really had the chance to document my growing tummy in terms of pictures.  (I don’t know if I want that too!) However, I’ve been writing down updates from time to time.  If you missed the first new entries, here are they:

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or you can just visit this all in one link from time to time:
Pregnancy Diaries

Day 46 – When having an ultrasound, it’s like talking to someone from outerspace because all you can see is someone floating & moving around.  Then, after that, you’ll realize that that someone from lightyears away is just inside you.

Day 47Survived a talk while battling morning sickness!  Ahahahaha.  In the middle of the talk, I did a mini water break.  As soon as I finished the talk, I got offstage then started gagging as soon as I sat down.  *Whew!*

Day 48 – Honestly, on certain days, I’m like “Oh my gosh. I’m so excited! I can’t wait to meet the baby!”  On other days, I’m like, “Oh my gosh, I’m going to give birth. Yeouch!”

Day 49 – Actually excited for playdates with friends who have kids. 😀

Day 50 – Dreamt that I forgot to claim my baby at the nursery! Then I woke up & realized I haven’t given birth yet.

Day 51 – Convo with the hubby:

P: I feel so sick. It must be the weather!

Me: Would you like to try some of my pre-natal vitamins?

Haha. But really.  Pregnant women are expected to survive 9 the whole 9 months without the help of anti-biotics, cough, cold & flu medicines. We just drown ourselves in vitamins, sleep and lots of water. 😀

Day 52 –  My body no longer wants me to consume chocolates.  It punishes me by giving me a nasty morning sickness.  It enjoys fruits, veggies and salads though. What’s up? I’m officially possessed…My hormones are taking over!

Day 53 – Pregnant women are no longer allowed to drink but they can always offer sympathy by throwing up with their friends. 😉

Day 54 – Singing at the top of my lungs while working & thinking, is the baby inside my belly going

“Stahp it Mommy! Stahhhhp!”

Day 55 – Went to the OB today & told the hubby “Yay! The baby still HAS a heartbeat!* Ponggo gave me a very annoyed look.  Oi! The makings of a paranoid mom. Watch out kid!

Day 56 – Today, I felt really unloved. The hubby refused to buy me oranges for weeks now.  I don’t know what’s up with this obsession towards freshly-pressed juices.  I mean, they can’t be in Tetrapacks or bottles. My nose can sense the extra chemicals or preservatives.  They just have to be freshly-made! #WhatIsABrat

Day 57 – I finally have a legit bump and enjoying some pregnancy parking perks. *Thanks baby!*

Day 58 – Back to working out for three weeks now.  It keeps me sane (because I usually get angry faster when I lack exercise).  It also reminds me where my body parts are now I have a growing tummy.  For those who are curious and shocked: Yes, it’s okay for pregnant women to work out as long as:

(a) your OB-gyne gave you a go signal

(b) your body is okay with it too (e.g. no special conditions like placenta previa et cetera.  It also helps if you’ve been doing the same set of exercises even before you got pregnant.)

I took the pre-natal class at Plana Forma to orient me as to what modifications I can do.   For example, I work with a pillow wedge so my heart is higher than the baby’s–so it doesn’t have to work extra hard.  The same pillow also assists me so I don’t have to do actual crunches (since pregnant women are prone to upper ab tear).

Someone recently told me that I shouldn’t be working out because I’m bound to get bigger anyway.  Well, I just want a little bit of normalcy in my life while my hormones are taking over and there are a lot of benefits to doing some light exercise while you’re waiting to pop. 🙂

Day 59 – I’m officially in the second trimester and I’m enjoying my time feeling like a real human again.  I’m no longer sleeping as much. *I used to NAP for 4 hours in a day* I’m no longer living the Panda life.  It actually feels good and this weekend, we’re flying to Singapore for a couple of workshops.   I was initially supposed to fly alone.  Then, when I found out that I was pregnant, I invited the hubby so he can help me out. Hehehe. 😀 So I guess we’re babymooning in Singapore as well.

Day 60 – Aside from Googling everything, I’m pretty sure I’ve interviewed almost everyone I’ve met about pregnancy: from that lady who does my pedicure, the one who cleans the house and the woman in that bookstore who packs our watercolor pads. Haha.

‘Til the next pregnancy diary! 🙂
Also, thanks to all the moms who have been sharing their stories & advice with me!


Tipsy 🙂

P.S. Things have been getting more exciting lately and August will just be crazy.  Aside from the regular & Singapore workshops, we will be launching a lifestyle line with Heima on August 8 & you’re all invited! 🙂  To boot, Heima is interviewing some artists & bloggers on how they out a life of passion, color, and excitement! Check out the interview with Kryz Uy here.

Oh Brighter Days Kryz Uy Interview Link

You may also follow Kryz on Instagram, Twitter & visit her blog. 🙂

Also, I have a collab Paper Cutting Meets Brush Lettering Workshop with Mansy Abesamis.  Finally, towards the end of August, we will be having a workshop in La Union by the beach.  Sign up here.  Sea ya soon! 🙂



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8 years ago

Day 50 and 53 made me laugh so hard it may as well have sounded like I as gagging! LOL. I just visited my newly born nephew yesterday and boy was I excited! He was really tiny though and I was a little hesitant at first but I seriously reveled the experience of watching over him the whole night regardless of the eye bags a day later. If an aunt like me got so hyped, I’m sure it will be a million times for you guys!!! So does baby googly gooey have a name already or will we already call him/her baby Ampersand?

8 years ago

I can relate (not to the preggy diaries, sadly)! I often point at famous bloggers/celebrities and tell my husband about them as if I really KNEW them!

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