Coming Soon: A New Googly Character

Tiny Pea: New Googly CharacterHello Readers,

When we started the Googly Gooeys, people on Tumblr kept on asking me what our characters would be like if & when we had kids.  Well, since it’s going to be pink + blue, they’re going to be different shades of purple.

Fast forward to some 6 years later, I noticed some symptoms that my friends & I just used to talk about.  I looked it up on the internet & realized, “Oh my gosh! This might be it!”.  I got teary-eyed.  But, before I could go all out emotional, I told myself “Joke lang. Don’t be so OA. You haven’t done the actual tests yet.”  Anyway, after all those procedures to make verify that it is legit, I found out that we are having a new googly character: a googlykin / baby googly / tiny pea.  (Whatever you guys want to call it).  When I was at Patty & Kelly’s baby shower, when we had a picture together, I jokingly said, “Let’s all hold our tummies & pretend I’m pregnant”…not knowing that I actually was. 😀

These days, I’m such a sleepyhead and I find it challenging to produce a blog post.   Thus, I shall update you with one-liners instead which you will hopefully get to read by my 12th week.  🙂

Day 1 – Pregnancy Test Positive: You know, they should invent one that says:

     + Congratulations or,

  • Sorry lady, it must be that bag of potato chips that been making you feel bloated

 Okay, maybe they didn’t because I would be personally insulted if I got the second line.

Rude Pregnancy Test

Day 2 – Tiny pea hates my favorite dance / workout class. What?!  Almost 6 weeks into the whole process and we’re already having arguments? How about 18 years from now? *Oops. I’m looking way too far ahead.*

Also, I look like the saddest customer having lunch in BGC when in fact, I’m happy.  I just can’t seem to control my tears every time I have to reveal the secret to my friends. #WhatIsHormonal

Day 3 – The hubby is more pregnant than I am: he is in shock, he has the bigger belly and he eats a lot.  My mission for the next few months is for him to be the same size as me–whatever size I may reach–so I won’t feel so alone & fluffy. #EvilSelfishMode

Hubby More Pregnant

Day 4 – Tiny pea loves my Forma Asana class but I chuckle every time I hear “happy baby pose” “child’s pose” and “fetal position”. How very meta(physical). 😉

Day 5 – Wow. I really feel like I’m Iceland during the winter time. My days are really really short…Oh no! It’s already 8pm.  I’m sleepy because I’ve been awake since…8am…Good night folks!  *This is also the reason why I’m not able to produce a lot of online conten— ZzzzZzzZzz*

Day 6 – What would be a nice Facebook status update by the 12th week?  How about a photo of me revealing the silhouette of the hubby’s big belly with the announcement “We’re pregnant!” *Sigh, I’m so silly & evil.*

Day 7 – I’d like to think I’ve received new superpowers: the power to procreate and the power to get more hugs from the hubby and get more things done by the hubby.  *I have the perfect excuse! Yessss!*

Day 8 –

T: If we ever have a girl or a boy, I’d like her/him to be a dancer. I’m fine with any genre.

P: I want a boy. I want him to learn motocross / gokart racing. Okay, if it’s a girl, she’s going to have to learn those too.

*Silly me for judging all the parents before me pass on their dreams to their kids. Tsk.*

Day 9

T: What’s a good name? Can we call him/her “Ampersand” with “Sandy” as a nickname? S/he will already have her/his own brand identity & logo!

P: Would you like the kid to be bullied in school? Do you want him/her to sound like a smart aleck when explaining his/her name?

T: Okay. Maybe not but kindly reconsi–

P: No.

Day 10

Seriously, how big is this baby compared to me?  Just a pea. A tiny pea and it has taken over my body: my bloatedness, my hormones, my sleeping hours and it’s making me hate plain water!

Day 11

My friends no longer have to remind me to rest.  Whether I like it or not, I just shut down by the end of the day.  I belong to this country called hiberNATION where it seems like 8 hours of sleep a night still doesn’t do the trick!

Day 12 –

My hormones are humming a lullaby.  My body keeps on asking me “Can we sleep now? Can we sleep now?”  So, the rar– *I can’t remember what I was writing. I must’ve fallen asleep.*

Day 13-

I’ve been spewing out hormonal tweets and status updates.  It’s like I’m in a prolonged state of PMS.  Someone took away the filter between my mind & my fingers? *Woops!*

Day 14 – 

Apparently, pregnant women are not allowed to join the enourage in some weddings. While that’s totally understandable, I didn’t know if I’m supposed to find the statement “Maybe I should have informed you NOT to get pregnant months before so you could join my wedding”.  #UmmTheWorldDoesntWorkThatWayYouKnow Hahahaha.

Day 15 – 

Ponggo is usually unwilling to walk under the sun & during workshops, we barely get to eat until dinner time.  But today, he actually volunteered to buy me real healthy food and he walked under the sweltering summer heat. Our friend Mikko has been teasing him that he just had a daddy software upgrade.  “Bugs have been fixed.” Awyeah. Hahahaha.

Day 16 –

I finally told my mom and our family that I’m pregnant. I’ve never seen my mom this happy. While growing up, I always tried to impress her with good grades but that didn’t do the trick.  Today though, she’s 200% happy.  If I only knew.

Day 17 –

Tiny pea doesn’t complain at all when I take my usual Plana Forma classes. *Whew!*

However, the next day, it asks my body to nap for 1.5 hours to recover. *Doingk*

Day 18-

I’m trying to master the art of ignoring that nasty taste in my palate.  It’s as if someone played witchcraft and interchanged all the tastes. During the first week, I usually stuffed myself with food and stopped when the after taste was bearable.  Now, I just sit and wait. Mind over matter. *Hopefully.*

Day 19-

I think I finally learned how to ignore the weird aftertaste in my mouth.  I just try to ignore it.  I just tell myself “These are like your squats.  They’re not the best feeling in the world but you just have to distract yourself & wait for it to finish.”

Day 20

Who’s excited among all the would be grandmas & grandpas? I just received a couple of pacifiers and a pair of socks from the father-in-law! Ahahaha. It’s sweet and funny at the same time.

Day 21 – Oh. You just don’t know how a good burp feels. I feel like a baby.  I can’t sleep or work well until I’ve burped after eating.

Day 22 – I took my first ever pre-natal workout class and had fellow moms & moms-to-be as classmates.  I would get teary-eyed each time our teacher uttered “hug the baby”. So happy no one caught me almost crying. Lol.

Day 23 – *rubs belly* Hmm..I wonder if all this weight gain is due to pregnancy.  Looks at pregnancy app: “Your baby is the size of a pecan.” “I guess not.”

Day 24 – I’m enjoying using the plural pronoun “We”.  “We’re hungry.” “We’re sleepy.” That pretty much convinces Ponggo to be more sympathetic.  I know I kind of sound like Gollum but still. 😉 “My precious!”

Day 25 – Oh. To see the husband do things for me. *Evil laughter* Priceless! He’s so used to me being independent. #NotAnymore

Day 26 – Things change. Even chocolate tastes different sometimes. But you, banana, have been loyal. Never ever changing!  Thank you Banana. *I sound like a minion.*

Day 27 – “Are pregnant women allowed to eat ________.” is my default Google query.  Oh, don’t get me started on going through labels of cosmetics and Googling each component. #WhatIsParanoid

Day 28 – I’m secretly stalking mommy blogs & parenting articles alongside design, productivity & social networking websites.

Day 29 – I have a bionic nose. I should probably apply as one of them bomb sniffers.

Day 30 – This is getting weird & funny. I’m always looking for a specific kind of food–a particular brand, size & flavor of dark chocolate and a juicy hot-off-the-grill cheesedog.  2 slices of cakes are now resting peacefully in the ref because I can’t get myself to eat them because it’s not the specific food I was looking for.  Blame them hormones for turning me into a brat.

Day 31 -#BionicNose Life is mocking me. It’s making me react to the nasty SMELL of UNSCENTED soap. Lol.

Day 32 – My food choices are like prices; subject to change without prior notice. 🙂

Day 33 – Thank you hormones.  I didn’t even know it was possible to get teary eyed by listening to some elaborate version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (i.e. Twinkle Lullaby). Thanks Piano Guys. Hmp. *Wipes tears*

Day 34 – More than the changes that I’m going through, it’s actually fun to watch the evolution of Mister Ponggo from that college boyfriend turned legal roommate and teammate for life who’s so used to me being independent to someone who’s slowly becoming a dad material: from the way he interacts with kids to finally volunteering to carry all my stuff for me without being grumpy.

Paranoid Moms

Day 35 – So much for judging moms about being so paranoid all the time.  So, apparently, nature trains them/us early.  Things are better now but I was so paranoid the past few weeks I was so close to buying a stethoscope of my own!

Day 36 – I haven’t been working out for two weeks now & not allowed to do so until the end of the month. I must confess though:  when I’m bored while painting or editing things digitally, I stand up & dance. 😀 *Yeah*

Day 37 – Finally developed a dislike for chicken skin which is good because it will help me.  Now, it would be awesome if my hormones would make me hate chocolates. #FirstLoveNeverDies

Day 38 – So I thought the days of 4-hour naps are gone. But today, my body said, “That’s what you think! Ha.” I swear, after this process, I should be taller!  I’m getting more ZzzZzZ’s than I normally would.

Day 39 – Carpal Tunnel symptoms kicking in thanks to water retention.  Apparently, this is a possibility when you’re pregnant. Weirdly enough, it’s my right hand that’s painful.  Is this a sign? Am I apparently ambidextrous? *Thinks for a while…* Oh, right, this is a result of too much browsing & Instagramming with right hand.

Day 40 – I’m really really grateful for all the support my family & friends have given me so far.  They’re all spoiling me with food & extra kind when I need to get some ZzzZzZ’s!  Wow. Now I can’t wait for my tummy to get bigger so I can finally claim that special parking in malls!  *Oh the perks!* Lol.

Day 41 – I just realized that 6 of my friends are also pregnant. Also, one of my closest friends is also expecting & we’re just a week apart from each other. How cool is that? :)♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Ain’t it funnnnn ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

Day 42 – I’m having the most bizarre dreams. The pregnancy app tells me that these are caused by subconscious anxieties about becoming a parent.  But I swear, some of them are really cool–from sci-fi cool to I-don’t-want-to-watch-it-again tragedy.  Sometimes I’d close my eyes and hear a really good piano piece I’ve never heard before.  I wish I was a film maker or a virtuoso (because I only finished until grade 2 in piano…lol) so I can remember everything and make a career out of it!

Day 43 – My belly no longer deflates as much during the day which means…it’s not 90% food anymore…It’s some tiny legit baby bump. #AchievementUnlocked

So, what’s next for the Googly Gooeys? My friends have warned about me about posting too many pictures of the baby or actually overhauling this blog into a mommy blog.  Well, there’s only one thing that I can promise: whatever I do in the future, I’ll try to make it as googlified & as colorful as I can! 🙂

Wow. It’s so awesome you’re able to reach this part of the post! 🙂
‘Til the next pregnancy entry.  Well, hopefully not as long as this one! :O


Birthday Girl Tipsy 😀

P.S. See you on the following dates:
July 4 for Type Lab Manila – You may get your tickets here.
July 25 for the Watercolor & Lettering Workshop at Hey Kessy: Sign up here.
August 1 & 2 for the Watercolor & Lettering Workshop in Singapore. Sign up here. (And oh, if you have tips on where to shop for art materials and which coffee shops to explore, that would be awesome!) 😀

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9 years ago

Oh my goodness! My hunch was right! When I opened my Facebook I saw a post from Nuffnang greeting you a happy birthday and a “congratulations in advance”. I was thinking… “Is Tipsy with a baby googly gooey?” I checked on the blog earlier but there was no post yet and now… Woohoo! A very lengthy and funny post. Preggo or not, your sense of humor and creativity remains on point! Congrats to the both of you! Okay I’ll shut up now before I scare you with my fangirl antics. Haha!

9 years ago

Read your post til the very end! Gosh, I can totally relate to a lot of your preggo stories :p I think we’re just months apart. Congrats ulit! 😀

9 years ago

Yayyyy finally the secret is out!! Super duper happy for u guys! *group hugggg* see u in a few weeks!!

Quennie Sullano-Gavan
9 years ago

Happy birthday and congratulations! When baby’s out, let’s have a mommy’s day out and leave the kids to Pong and Jinoe! So looking forward 🙂

9 years ago

Glad to know we’re on the same boat! I’m pretty sure I won’t be as talkative when I meet you in person as I am on your twitter feed and this blog’s comment box. Haha! I will get the hang of it though. After I gape for a few minutes. LOL. Congrats again!

Isabel (Sab The Book Eater)
9 years ago

YASSS!!! I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR A LONG TIME NOW <333 Never been THIS excited to receive an email alert from your blog! Hahaha! And yeah, whenever you'd tweet about being moody or craving something I'd immediately think you're having a purple googly gooey. Haha! Congratulations you guuuuyz <333

Cym Marzan
9 years ago

Congratulations! Yay for purple! Your post is so funny! I’ll bet it will be the most colorful mommy blog ever… if it becomes one. You have an excuse to indulge your love for colors, since you don’t know the gender yet.

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