Googly Gooeys The Truth of the Matter Is1
Googly Gooeys The Truth of the Matter Is1

Please forgive my contemplative mood lately.  I think this is the slump I always forget I have to face when I spend an entire month working on weekends & being happy about holidays because I have more time to…!  Anyway, recently, I’ve been trying to restructure my schedule and injecting a bit of gym time.  I figured, I will never ever be “not busy” or “not loaded” or bored that I have nothing to do.  So, before I need to invest on a new wardrobe because a lot of my clothes are threatening to explode, I might as well invest some time to stress my lungs and heart in a good way and hopefully make those extra inches disappear!

One of the things that have motivated me to go on the treadmill is to strengthen my knees and be more prepared when we get to hike again by the end of this year.  I’m partly inspired by what Maria Sharapova said:  “I never diet because I need to be strong.”  I must admit though, I have misinterpreted it one too many times with my let’s-burn-some-calories-so-that-we-can-replace-it-immediately routine. *Oops*

Anyway, somewhere between walking on a steeply inclined treadmill, (*Have you noticed how much I’m into simulating that climb? I’m actually planning to bring in some artificial trees & wearing a mask to feel the shortness of oxygen in high altitudes!)  catching my breath, daydreaming about ice cream and thinking about walking on a muddy mountain, I suddenly remembered why I love hiking: you’re cut off from the rest of the world & things are really simple–you’re lying on grass, you’re at the mercy of your head lamp at night and food is precious especially when it’s high time for lunch and your tent is two kilometers of muddy puddles away.

Wow.  I think I just sounded like a masochist.  Well, I’m not.   But, from time to time I feel this urge to step away from it all and reconnect with my inner being.  (This is the fault of having too many required Philosophy units back in college!?!)  When you’re forced to rely on basic needs, you tend to realize how much you’ve made your life complicated.  The truth of the matter is, it only takes very little for us to be happy & fulfilled.  I’m just hoping that on our next trip, it doesn’t rain too much and the soil will be kinder to our feet!

The Truth of The Matter is: How Much We Need to Be Happy

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Googly Gooeys at the Save the Philippine Seas Event

We will be a part of the Save The Philippine Seas SEAtizen’s Festival on Sunday, September 15th, at the Ninoy Aquino Parks & Wildlife in Quezon Cityyyy! (Why do I always feel the urge to recite names of cities & countries like they do in beauty pageants?)  Anyway, we’ll be sharing an art shack with fellow artists whom we love & admire!   (Ahh..shucks, spoken like a true fan girl).  Everyone will be showcasing & selling their sea-inspired art and the 30% of the proceeds of the Googly Gooey post cards will fund projects to save our national treasure–no, it’s not the pork barrel you smarty pants–these are our beautiful, world-renowned waters!

Save the Philippine Seas Art Shack

Learn more about this admirable project lead by Anna Oposa together with Nikki Valenzuela & Wiji Lacsamana here. Learn how you can contribute to our beloved seas by liking Save the Philippine Seas on Facebook & following them on on Twitter. And oh, they were gracious enough to do a mini interview about our work too! Read about it here.

Don’t forget: See you guys on the 15th! 🙂


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