5 Stages of Anger

The other day, I was busy fixing some quirks on this website.  It felt like such a chore.  It required me to visit most of our old posts.

Anyway, as usual, I’d easily get lost and distracted and I would start reading older entries.  Some would make me cringe I want to delete the whole post and some I’m pretty proud of.  The rest, I feel like I’m reading someone else’s life and it’s a good kind of odd.  Okay, well, sometimes…just odd. 🙂

Then I stumbled upon a bunch of old posts.  I was into making charts then:
Five Stages of a Busy Schedule
The Five Stages of Dieting

I realized, these are originally the 5 stages of grief but each stage can actually be divided into stages within the stages!  Inception. Hehe.

1. 5 Stages of Denial
2. 5 Stages of Anger
3. 5 Stages of Bargaining
4. 5 Stages of Depression
5. 5 Stages of Acceptance

Well, 5 stages of anger makes the most sense to me anyway and this is what I go through every single time I’m angry. 🙂  Also, sometimes, when I look back at what I’m angry at, I laugh at myself for caring too much about something sooooooo smallllll.

Googly Gooeys 5 Stages of Anger

How about you? Do you go through these stages too? 🙂


Tipsy ♥

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See you on Saturday for Ilustrador ng Kabataan’s INKTwice Exhibit! 🙂 This is one of the last two exhibits I’ll be joining this year.  It will be at Galerie Stephanie and it will run until December 22.   INKTwice Exhibit Alice in Wonderland IMG_2695

Above are some of my works and they’ll also be on sale.  I really hope to be able to have more time to paint next year. 🙂  Because I’m so excited to see everyone’s works, I’m posting them here. I heard this is the largest number of framed artworks that INK with a total of 120 pieces! *Yeah!*

Abi Dayacap INK Twice

Paintings by Abi Dayacap

Gica TamOne of my favorite illustrators on Instagram @GicaTam

Don Mikel FumarVector Love by Don Mikel Fumar.  (That’s not the official title but that’s what comes to mind when I see this pair. Haha.)

Learn more about the event below.  See you guys this weekend! 🙂

Ilustrador ng Kabataan:
Website: Ang-Ink.org
Facebook: Facebook.com/AngInk.org
Instagram: @hello_ink
Event Page: Twice: Ang INK Annual Exhibit
Event Hashtag: #INKTWice

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8 years ago

First of all, those paintings are so so cute! About the 5 stages of anger, I guess I stumbled upon that in a psychology class back in college. It really makes sense and I believe I’ve gone through that a lot. HAHA. Especially about food. You know… Maybe I shouldn’t have cooked and eaten champorado at 12:00 midnight? But I didn’t have breakfast so that should be okay right? >.<

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