The Googly Gooeys Made it to the I LOVE CHARTS Book!

Googly Gooey I Love Charts Book April19forInstagram1


The Googly Gooeys on the I Love Charts Book! 🙂

A couple of our Googly Gooey toons made it to a book in the U.S.! It’s the I Love Charts Book curated and written by Jason Oberholtzer & Cody Westphal of  The I Love Charts Tumblr. It also has a foreword by David Karp, the founder of (How cool is that?)

Thanks again to Jason & Cody (We’re sending hugs too!) You just don’t know how much time we’ve spent wondering, hoping & searching for a way our toons can be published in a book! 🙂

You can check out the book on If & when you have the book, check us out on pages 3 & 12 😉

Tipsy & Ponggo ❤

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