Googly Gooeys Naps: Expectations vs Reality Expectations: you take a quick na p& you wake up refreshed. Reality: You fall asleep unexpectedly, you wake up & you feel dizzy & you can't feel your arm.

Naps: Expectations vs Reality

Expectations vs Reality: Ever since this whole 500 Days of Summer split-screen scene where they play what’s inside Tom’s mind vs. what’s really happening in Tom’s world, the whole expectations vs reality thing became a hit…and I’m hopping on the bandwagon. LOL.

Anyway, you can find a lot of articles recommending cat naps or power naps to refresh you and it has worked for me a couple of times. However, most of the time, I feel dizzy afterwards.  It’s really hard to recover from a nap when my brain still wants some snooze time or when I simply want to forget what that I have to chase deadlines. What makes it worse is that I feel more sickly after having naps sometimes or when I’ve accidentally fallen asleep while doing something & I end up snoozing in such an awkward position and I end up not being able to feel my hands, legs or feet upon waking up.

Has this ever happened to you?

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