How I Wake Up on Weekends vs. Weekdays

How I Wake Up on Weekdays vs. Weekends Weekends: "Yikes! I'm late! What time is it?" "Oh. Riiiight! It's a weekend!" Weekdays: "It feels like a weekend! ZzzzZzz" "It's a Monday & I'm definitely late!"

This is definitely how I wake up on weekends vs. weekdays!  My body clock loves waking me up after having exactly 6 hours of sleep!  Yesterday, I woke up at 5:45am and now, after coming home from the Bloom Arts Festival at 2am, I’m wide awake & blogging at 8:30am. *Doingk* Who blogs in the morning?  I don’t know.  How early do I wake up versus the time that I should really be waking up?  Well, that is another story.

I hate it too when Monday mornings have this quiet weekend feel–the rays of the sun peering through the blinds, the silent city outside–that makes you want to stay in your bed more.  Ha! This post should have been Fact of the Day #XX (I lost track!): Beds are more magnetic during weekdays!  Wood or metal, beds definitely have some sort of gravitational pull especially on Monday mornings!

Anyway, I’m thinking of coming up with downloadable Googly Gooey iPhone backgrounds to add to our Googly Gooey Goodies section. Any suggestions? 🙂 Any stuff that you’d like us to dedicate to you? 🙂

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