The Ironic Thing About Sleep

The Irony with Sleep

This year, I’m so happy that I’ve actually streamlined my work into blogging & workshops. If I continued to accept commissions, I don’t know what will happen to everyone who needed to get their invites and materials done.  I can’t keep them waiting forever.  I always say “sleep is precious”.  My body usually lets me sleep for 6 hours then it wakes me up whether it’s a weekend or a weekday.

However, these days, my body is letting me sleep for a good 7-8 hours then it asks for an additional nap of 1.5-4 hours.  With all the sleep I’m getting, I should grow taller soon!!  I could now claim, “My waking hours are precious!”  When I’m awake, I really try to work as fast as I can because I don’t know when my body will put me to sleep again!  The ironic thing about sleep is that when I used to get 6 hours of sleep, I felt more energetic.  *Well, okay, fine. I must admit I get some mini-burnouts each time.* But, now that I’m getting more sleep, I feel more woozy all day!

How about you?


Sleepyhead Tipsy 🙂

I’ve posted a new workshop sched here. 😉
*It’s our little secret.*

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