Big Blog Exchange: Oh The Places You’ll Go

A year ago, after reading an article about travelling in Frankie Magazine, I told Ponggo that maybe we should write to the government of Iceland and tell them that maybe we could visit their country and blog about it.  Then, we both laughed so hard because it seemed such a ridiculous idea.

Fast forward to August 22, while searching for something online, I stumbled upon Big Blog X.  I’ve been wanting to join this competition ever since I found out about it through last year’s winner Camie Juan of Wild-Spirit when she was campaigning.  I didn’t know if I was still supposed to take this opportunity seriously.  We just finished putting so much effort into the Tatt Awards & I honestly didn’t know if I was ready to ask for votes again from the same audience.  There was so much self-doubt I had to deal with. I was thinking that maybe, I should just leave my chances at becoming one of this year’s wildcards. (2 out of the 16 Big Blog X winners will be chosen regardless of their votes).  Then, it dawned upon me that unless I actually want to do something to happen, I should believe for it to happen first before I can convince fate!

Oh The Places You'll Go

Above: This is dedicated to the Big Blog X community who are about to take on an exciting adventure called L-I-F-E. 😀  The style is inpsired by my type hero Fozzy Dayrit & the lines are from my friend Ria’s favorite poem.

Above: Here’s the video version just because…well…I don’t know why I’m into doing these crude animations. Hehe.

So there I was, sitting on our sofa & trying to finish this blog post and hoping to get my mind off the Big Blog Exchange. I was excitedly exchanging tweets with RV the traveller, Aia the Photogapher, Chichi the Foodie, & Hazel the Bookworm as we were arranging a mini Big Blog X meet-up.  As 7pm was approaching, I tried drowning myself with work and at 6:57pm, I just finished publishing this blog post.  I didn’t want to check my clock for the time anymore.  I didn’t know if I wanted to check the website as well.  I was just about to click the tab on my browser when I received a Tweet from Hazel.  Then, tears started to fall uncontrollably.  After that, I had to rush to yoga class where I ended up becoming the most distracted student.  I eventually cried during Shavasana. *Thank you sweat & minimal light for masking the tears.* Hehehehe.  On my way home, I was crying inside the car.  I look like someone just broke up with me.  The last time that I looked like this was when I was driving myself home with a sprained ankle!  This time, I didn’t feel any pain but I just can’t stop my emotions from taking over!! *Gahhh*

Then, I found out that I’ll be going back to Italy!  I was so stoked that I will actually have the chance to revisit this beautiful country.  With the attempt to maximize my stay, my previous visits to Europe are always rushed–The Amazing Race style.  Now, I actually have the chance to savor each day and explore more regions (and foooood)!!

I’ll be swapping blogs & locations with Brazilian-Italian photographer Marcela Fae of FotosTrasse.  I’m so honored that a good photographer will be taking over this blog while I’m in Italy from October 30 to November 9!!  I can’t wait to see her take on the Philippines!  Please give her the warmest Filipino welcome while she’s here. 🙂

Big Blog X Destination Swap

Above: Destination Swap!  Yup, none of us knew where we were going.  All 633 bloggers joined this only with the knowledge that they will be exchanging countries with another blogger from another continent.  Isn’t it exciting?  Read more about it on the Big Blog Exchange website & their blog

Thank you family, friends & readers for voting for The Googly Gooeys every single time through all these years & thank you to the Hostelling International jury for taking a chance at what I can possibly offer The Big Blog X Team! 🙂  I also can’t wait to see everyone else’s journey!  I suggest that you all join the Big Blog X competition next year.  It’s like a big exercise on letting go & embracing the unknown!  🙂


Tipsy  ❤


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9 years ago

Congratulations! This is well deserved and happy landings! :*

9 years ago

YAY! Congratulations! Have fuuuuuun. Well, that’s a given! XD

9 years ago

What fun! That is so exciting for you! So we will see you in Fotostrasse!

9 years ago

YEY Congrats! Excited to hear about your adventure in Italy! Please eat all the pasta/pizza/gelato for us! <3

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