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05 DIY Party Desserts IMG 9469

Brush Lettering for DIY Parties

Whew!  What a week.  I was holding workshops & attending meetings and events the past 5 days.  I promised myself I will take a day off.  Well, what I meant by it was I’ll be spending more time with Riley & working (at lightning speed) while he sleeps. 😀 I opened my schedule to accommodate […]

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Watercolor & Lettering Workshops this April

Hello Guys! Oh my gosh. Time flies when you’re busy feeding and changing diapers!  I can’t believe it’s March already!  We’re still adjusting to our new life as parents.  I would always laugh at the kind of life I had when we didn’t have kids.  I felt that I didn’t have enough time then. Thank

Googly Gooeys Chatting With Your Friends

Chatting with Friends + Lettering Workshops

The hardest part about chatting is when you have to say good night and your brain keeps spewing out ideas and stories. Haha. I don’t know how many times I have to say good night to my friends and say “Ooooooh! Wait, by the way” …then “Good night” again and so on. Repeat this process

August Workshops Poster 7inW x 5inHrevised

August Workshops & New Doodling Buddies

Whew!  August will prove to be a busy month with the Singapore workshops, the secret event on August 8 😉 and the workshops here in Manila! 🙂 But, it’s going to be an exciting one.  I don’t know why I’m doing this but I’ll be away from the workshop scene come December / January /

Googly Gooeys Picking Baby Names Part 2
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Picking Baby Names (Part 2)

We don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl yet but I’ve definitely started picking baby names.  I’ve already hinted on odd choices such as Ampersand & Asterisk in this previous post. The hubby is not pleased…at all. I’m thankful though for all you on Instagram who thought Ampersand was a legit name.

Googly Gooeys Signs That Youre Clumsy

Signs That You Are Clumsy

So I was looking at my shins the other day and I noticed a couple of bruises here and there.  I don’t actually know where I got them. I might have: (a) accidentally kicked myself while dancing / skating or (b) I must have hit the edge of our bed…again. Then, the other day, I

13 Scarsdale Workshop Poster IMG 8275 400 pixels

Scarsdale Artistanal Delights Workshop

Hello Guys! Prepare your eyes, crafty hands, tummies and phone cameras! We’re excited to announce that the next workshop venue is Scarsdale! Scarsdale Artisanal Delights is named from a town in one of the Northern suburbs of New York city.  From the same team that brought you Go Nuts Donuts, Scarsdale is a relaxing & quirky

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