August Workshops & New Doodling Buddies

Watercolor Brush Lettering Digitizing Workshops August

Whew!  August will prove to be a busy month with the Singapore workshops, the secret event on August 8 😉 and the workshops here in Manila! 🙂 But, it’s going to be an exciting one.  I don’t know why I’m doing this but I’ll be away from the workshop scene come December / January / February to deal with mommy duties. 🙂  *Trust me, I’m so tempted to insert my updated preggy diary here but this is a workshop blog post soooo…*

We’re changing up some things for our August sessions.  First off, we will be giving each participant a Googly notebook. 🙂 Depending on luck (i.e. how early you arrive at the workshop place), you can choose from 2 designs.  1 has a color palette guide at the back while the other has a color mixing cheat sheet. 🙂

Heim Interiors Illustration

An illustration I did for Heim Interiors a couple of years ago.  Contrary to popular belief, these were not colored / painted by hand. These all the final elements have been digitized. 😉 

Also, for the Digitizing Workshop, a 4-hour session which is meant for those who want to convert their doodles & drawings to digital files, we started doing the following last session:

1) Participants are encouraged to work on a personal project at the end of the session.  This could be an invite, a poster or a logo. But, after confirming one’s slot, we can already start discussing your projects via e-mail.

2) All participants will be receiving a personalized exercise sheet such as the one below These files will be recreated during the workshop.   This is a sample file that I’ve created for one of our participants, @sliceofk. 🙂

Digitizing Exercise Sheet Kate Adajar

Fill up the form below to sign up for a workshop. 🙂

Meanwhile 2015
I have some new doodling buddies.  Actually, as I was just waiting for all my files to get uploaded, I found myself doodling again with my Online Fountain Pens.

Online Fountain Doodles

I guess I’m enjoying this because it’s a good break from having to produce all those thick and thin lines when using watercolor brushes & brush pens. 🙂  I’m now seriously contemplating if I should come up with a series called Doodley Dooeys featuring my weekly doodles. Haha.  What do you think?

Online Fountain Pens Germany

We’ve been eyeing all those fountain pens with wooden handles all afternoon. 😀

Abbey, June, Jelvin & I spent the afternoon with National Bookstore & acquainted ourselves with these pens while sharing our love for lettering with some magazine editors at the EDSA BDG which is an awesome hangout / workspace by the way. 🙂 *I will be back for the gnocchi!!*
Online Fountain Pen Germany
They also have a calligraphy line.  This brings me back to my high school years because that’s how I pretty much did calligraphy then–not with a pointed pen.  We were all taking turns trying out all the pens. 🙂  I learned from the owner of Online Pens that in Germany, until the age of 16, they are trained to use fountain pens.  Wow!  I mean, this pen is the type that lets you write at a proper and consistent angle.

Online Calligraphy Pens IMG_7005
Online Fountain Pens has 2 lines which are:

The Young Line Collection – which embodies a more colorful & vibrant lifestyle.  These are available at the following National Bookstore branches (since you guys have been asking on Instagram. :)):

National Book Store Alabang Town Center
Greenlanes Arcade Greenhills
SM Megamall

Online PensThey also have the Top.Line Collection featuring sleek and elegant designs which is available in the following National Bookstore Branches:

Glorietta 1
Shangri-la Plaza
SM Megamall

Finally, Online also has stationery items (think binders, notebooks, pencils, erasers, and pen pouches in candy and macaroon designs).  It’s called the Candyworld Collection. This collection is available in Powerbooks Alabang Town Center, Greenbelt, SM Megamall and Trinoma.

So there, happy shopping, writing & doodling! 🙂 I hope you get your fountain pen & cartridge fix this rainy weekend! 🙂

Tipsy 🙂

P.S. For more information, you may check out the following:
National Bookstore
Shop Online at:
Instagram: @NBSalert
Twitter: @NBSalert

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P.P.P.S. Save the date! See you on August 8! *Ooh. That rhymes. ;)*

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Cym Marzan
8 years ago

I wish I had signed up for the August workshop nalang so I could get the Googly notebook! Haha!

There are so many writing tools! Which one to buy??? 😛

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