Signs That You Are Clumsy

So I was looking at my shins the other day and I noticed a couple of bruises here and there.  I don’t actually know where I got them. I might have: (a) accidentally kicked myself while dancing / skating or (b) I must have hit the edge of our bed…again.

Then, the other day, I was fixing our clothes.  I got a new laundry bag.  It was so stubborn and the string wouldn’t just cooperate.  I pulled it as hard as I can and accidentally punched my nose.  Who actually does that?  I panicked and checked if my nose was intact or if there’s any blood.  Luckily, none.  But, it was such an awful feeling.  It’s not as if I’m in a fight or I can fight back, be angry at someone or something.  It was just me versus myself.  I’m officially a danger to myself!?!?!

Now and then I get to break a drinking glass here at home just because my grip ceases to function.  In my dance classes, I always end up punching my cheek or chin when we’re supposed to go to the right and I turn my head to the left just to check with our teacher/s if I’m doing the right thing. *Sigh*

So, just imagine how easy it was for me to come with this list? Here are some signs that you (and I) are clumsy:

Signs That You're Clumsy

These days, when I spill something, Ponggo just goes, “Why am I not surprised?” Then, he proceeds to help me clean up the paint / watercolor / water / ink / random stuff inside the house that I spilled.  Afterwhich, he asks, “Do you know where your body parts are?   Isn’t that what they teach you in dance?!?!?!”

Meanwhile Watercolor & Typography Weekend

Here’s a quick summary of the fun, busy & colorful weekend! 🙂 Here’s the obligatory shot of the nametag borders.  I’m still in my abstract phase.  I don’t think this will leave me anytime soon!

Watercolor Workshop

This palette reminds me of the jungle in UP the movie!  My sister and I stayed in the cinema until the very end of the credits just to see the designs of each of Russel’s pins upclose!  With that, a belated Happy National Sibling’s Day to my one and only…my favorite Shobe bear. 🙂

Painting on Cakes

Some people think I don’t have a day job. Haha. But I do anyway.  From the office, I went to visit my aunt’s cake studio.  Tita Joy San Gabriel was the one who made our wedding cake.  I was just telling her last weekend that I was currently looking for opportunities to paint on different surfaces.  So far, I’ve painted on my laptop, a bunch of eggs and soon on a pair of rubbershoes.  Anyhooz, I got really excited when she called to have some vows written on this cake.  Her Russian cookies, chocolate cupcakes, mini brazos and cheesecakes are amazing by the way.  Before ever tasting her baked goods, I was only into choco mousse and any dark chocolate cake.  Now, thanks to her, I finally have the appreciation for carrot cakes and cheesecakes too!!

Writing on this cake was a bit overwhelming.  I mean, it’s a wedding cake!!  Writing on a cylindrical surface can also be challenging because when you’re close to the cake, you think you’re writing on a straight line but your eyes are just teasing you.  Our first session took a while but our second took a few minutes. Hahahaha. Well, I think it also helped that I came from the Hey Kessy workshop (below) that day so I was writing and holding the brush for hours and hours already before diving into the task.

08 Hey Kessy Workshop Participants IMG_1370

Watercolor & Lettering Workshop Nametags
Above: Another shot of them nametags.  I accidentally destroyed a brush while working on this but I loved how I “ruined” it.  I was with Mansy, Alexis & Fran that day and I was being this person having this super inspired preachy moment when I said “Look guys!  It’s not broken! It’s beautiful!  Now I get it when they say it’s perfect because it’s imperfect.”

I finally found some tips on how I can repair my brush but I’m still thinking of keeping it that way. Hmm… 🙂

Fully Booked Watercolor Workshop Participants

So, we just finished our Fully Booked workshop as well a few hours ago.  It’s funny that on both dates, we have some boyfriend-girlfriend bonding sessions and just yesterday, a mother-daughter bonding session too!  I was teasing them that we shoud have V-day and Mother’s day workshops too!

Alex Esguerra Watercolor WorkAbove is the work of Alex Esguerra from the Fully Booked batch. You may check out the rest of her works here.  I really hope she gets to participate in as much as art fairs this year!  I was kind of forcing her. I told her: “You have to do it!  You really have to do it! You have to submit your work.”  Yikes, is this a sneak peak of what kind of parent I will be if ever? Hahaha. But, I can’t just let some talent go to waste / left undiscovered so yeah. 🙂 ❤

Anyway, if you wish to join the Watercolor and Lettering Workshops this April, May & June, here are the new schedules:

April 26 – 1-4:15pm Plana Forma BGC. (Slots are only open to current & previous Plana Forma clients).
May 9 1-5pm – Hey Kessy
May 10 1-5pm – Fully Booked Greenbelt 5 (Yes, we will be holding it exactly in the middle of all those Watercolor papers and art supplies!! *insert evil grin*  Now let’s test your EQ.  If you haven’t seen the place yet, click here.)
June 13 2-6pm – FullyBooked, Alabang

To join, fill up the form below.  I will be away for the next couple of days but as soon as I get back and a slot is available for you, I will be contacting the potential April & May participants via SMS / E-mail. 🙂

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