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Googly Gooeys How We See Colors 4x81
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How We See Colors

There was a time when we were preparing for a wedding and I kept on suggesting Chartreuse and Fuchsia as the colors of our motif and Ponggo said, “Char-char-char-what? Can’t you just say yellow green? And that other color’s a bit hard to spell too!”   I really really love colors (..and I’m really really […]

Googly Gooeys Commercial Jingles

Annoying Commercial Jingles

Commercial Jingles! Ahhhh!? Last night (well, midnight actually), a commercial jingle kept playing inside my head while I was trying to finish something.  It’s not just your ordinary jingle, it’s a rap from a mobile company who has loads of money to buy all the spots on TV, radio and wherever else!  Well, it’s one

Googly Gooeys What Did I Write

What Did I Write?

What did I write? Oh no! What did I write? I always get overwhelmed with the many tasks I have on my to-do list.  To solve that: I tried to come up with a priority list.  That way, I know my non-negotiables for the day.  Well, last week.  I didn’t want  to forget a task

Googly Gooeys Everytime I See You1
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Everytime I See You, My Heart Beats Fast…

Everytime I See You Everytime I see you, I age & my wrinkles get more defined. I’ve had a very stressful week at work this week having to deal with twisted truths and some dirty corporate politics.  Everytime I had to work on two particular projects, my heart beats fast, my vision narrows, I find

Googly Gooeys I Know Right
communication, GOOGLY GOOEYS, relationship

I Know Right?

I used to say “Awww…That’s so sad” all the time Ponggo asked me to change my expression since, according to him, it sounds annoying and a bit indifferent and shallow. I changed it to “Oh wow” and after saying it so many times, he said I sounded as if I’m not really amazed and that

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