Googly Gooeys The BreakUp "This realtionship is over" "What?" "Just kidding. Happy April fool's!"

The Breakup

The Breakup: Sorry guys, I guess this is it..We’re filing for divorce!  Yep, this relationship has been very stressful you see: having to keep up with annoying habits, the difference in our sleeping patterns, our preferences in movies to watch and the list goes on and on.  Yep, sadly, we’ll have to close this blog.  Maybe we’ll just come up with a bunch of new characters–at least something that’s not loosely based on our lives.  Maybe, instead of a bunch of walking & talking blue & pink goo, we can create a new blog about a horse with rainbow hair in candy land.


Happy April Fool’s! 😉


Tipsy & Ponggo 😀

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