Annoying Commercial Jingles

Googly Gooeys Commercial Jingles The First Time You Hear It: "There's a new product! Interesting" The Second Time You Hear It: "The music's actually catchy! I can sing to this!" The Third Time You Hear It: "Seriously, how many times do I really have to listen to this?" After Hearing It N Times: "Why is this commercial jingle haunting me in the middle of the night?"

Commercial Jingles! Ahhhh!?

Last night (well, midnight actually), a commercial jingle kept playing inside my head while I was trying to finish something.  It’s not just your ordinary jingle, it’s a rap from a mobile company who has loads of money to buy all the spots on TV, radio and wherever else!  Well, it’s one thing to sell a product but seriously, how many times do I have to listen to this commercial jingle??  Actually, since there’s not much that I can do about it especially when I’m driving and stuck in traffic, I lip sync and tease my sister.  I have no choice!? I turn the radio off or switch it to another channel and voila, it’s playing there too.  Finally, when the radio’s not within my reach, it has invaded my mind and it’s forever on repeat as I helplessly try to concentrate on the task at hand.

Well, it’s not just this commercial.   There are commercial jingles from a decade ago that suddenly pop up inside my head too.  I don’t know why.  There are good ones which make me feel nostalgic: ♩♪ You wanna see what happens with a bag of Nips? ♫♬ .  It’s actually amazing that while interning for an ad agency, my classmates and I met the composer of this jingle from our childhood and got to sing it to her. (Oh gawd, did I just give away my age? Haha.)

Anyway, hope none of the commercials or commercial jingles are haunting you lately!  But if there is, do let me know.  Misery loves company 😉


Tipsy ❤

P.S. By the way, have your heard that we’re giving away plushies?

P.P.S. More annoying things here. 😉
What Annoys You?
Fact of the Day #94: Some people simply enjoy being annoying.
Current LSS: Call Me Maybe
Fact of the Day #92: The more you hate a song, the more you’ll be haunted by it.


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Sarah Sy
Sarah Sy
11 years ago

Hahaha… I have a love-hate relationship with the TV/Radio commercial of Biogesic before:

“Bagay ba sa akin ang kulot?” Repeated to the nth level.

And what’s worse is that the voice-over will said something like “Hala. Ayan. Di mo na matanggal sa isip mo noh? Masakit sa ulo yan”


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