GG fact of the day 110 people will always have something to complain about
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Something to Complain About

Life in the 21st century has become conveniently inconvenient and thanks to social networking, not a week passes by without anyone having something to complain about how a “friend” or relative behaves online! The bad news is, there is no middle ground. ¬†Posting anything as in ANYthing or even your mere absence will earn you

Googly Gooeys How I Feel About the Facebook Status Bar
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How I Feel About Facebook Questions

If there’s ever anything constant on Facebook, it’s change! ¬†Recently, it just rolled out its new format and now, the status bar attempts to coax our lazy fingers into flooding our friends with itsy bitsy details of our lives. ¬†There’s a study somewhere (how credible!) that if you ask questions online, people will tend to

Googly Gooeys Facebook Problems
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Facebook Problems

Have these Facebook problems been annoying you lately? ūüôā Gone are the days when people were able to separate their online life from the real lives. ¬†Post a photo on Facebook today and even though it doesn’t receive as much likes as your most liked personal photo, you’ll meet people at family gatherings, events or

Googly Gooeys Alphabet of Social Networking Part1
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Social Networking Alphabet (Part 1)

Social Networking Alphabet Here’s the social networking alphabet! ¬†Well, originally, we wanted you to guess what each item was pertaining to then we realized that ten years from now (i.e. if we’re still alive), we still want to know what these symbols stand for just in case some of them are no longer recognizable. (You

Googly Gooeys Social Networking Elements in Real Life Part2
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Social Networking Elements in Real Life (Part 2)

“What if social networking actions were real?” Part 2! What if you opened your social networking accounts on your birthday only to find out that the greetings were not written on your Facebook wall or Twitter feed but on your real wall? ¬† Have you noticed how people conveniently ended conversations by liking your comment

Googly Gooeys Facebook Timeline Cover3 Aliens
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Facebook Timeline Covers from the Googly Gooeys!

Woohoo! Free Facebook Timeline covers! The Free Facebook Timeline Covers are here! ūüėÄ Yes. There’s really not much that we can do about Facebook changing the format to timeline. Yes, I’ve ranted about it and even tried resisting it by ignoring the reminder for a month. ¬†But alas, I too have no choice & one

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Facebook status bar asks, “What’s on your mind?”

Facebook Status Bar Asks Facebook status bar asks, “What’s on your mind?” The only answer that I can think about is food. ¬†It’s amusing how the different social networks have different compelling statements such as “What’s happening?” “Search” “Like” “Unfollow” “Follow” et cetera. ¬†There are days when I’d like to think of Facebook as the

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