Five Signs That You’re Addicted to Draw Something!

Googly Gooeys Five Signs That You're Addicted to DrawSomething 1. Your initial motivation to try the game was to draw but now it's "Ahhh...that spring color pallet is love" "Must.Get.More.Bombs." 2. You constantly advertise your DrawSomething ID in all Social Networking Sites "Hello! I'm Tipsydoodles. Play with me on DrawSomething" 3. You have so many games going on at the same time. "Sigh. People take too much time to draw" "...and you'd like them to draw like you?" 4. Multi-tasking means you're doing your work whil waiting for others to draw "Has anyone sent me their drawings yet?" " 5. The highlight of your day is when you think someone won't understand you drawing but they did! "Someone guessed my drawing correctly! I'm an artiste!"

Five Signs That You’re Addicted to Draw Something

I was addicted to Draw Something for a while.  I kept on seeing “Let’s play Draw Something” on my Twitter feed.  I was finally intrigued & I downloaded the app!  My first day was torturous.  I can’t seem to let go of my phone.  Also, it’s a nice way to be constantly playing both with random users & my cousins and friends abroad.  It kinda adds a new dimension to our relationship. LOL.

Then the hubby got addicted too.  Sometimes, I’d wake up to find lots of coins which just means that he has been playing overnight!  Since then, I told everyone that we have someone on duty for the night shift of our Draw Something.  I initially hated it when he would draw stick figures because most of the time, I try to make my Draw Something drawings colorful and a little more detailed (Well, more than his drawings at least).   In the end, I’d take screenshots of his pre-school like drawings & one actually ended up in this comics! Ha!


Tipsy 🙂

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