Something to Complain About

Life in the 21st century has become conveniently inconvenient and thanks to social networking, not a week passes by without anyone having something to complain about how a “friend” or relative behaves online!

Googly Gooeys Fact of the Day #110: People will always have something to complain about. When you rant online: Gahhh..She complains too much! When you're always positive online... "She's always so happy it's disturbing!" When you rarely reply to a comment: "He still hasn't replied? Hmp. Such a snob" When you repaly to every comment: "She's so friendly it's so annoying" When you rarely post "He's so mysterious and mostly anti-social" When you post often "She's been bombarding my Instagram feed with her face again!"

The bad news is, there is no middle ground.  Posting anything as in ANYthing or even your mere absence will earn you a snide comment.  While posting a too much about your life will leave you forever exposed and Googlable, posting nothing will leave everyone wondering about your unwillingness to embrace life in the twenty first century.  However, if your friends with someone who diligently updates her social networking accounts, everyone will be updated about your life online (except you!) and people will again have comments about your life.  Ahhhh…There’s no escaping this!

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