Why Designing is Like Taking a Sh**

Once I heard on Project Runway that designing is like giving birth t o a child & you’ll never know if it will be accepted & who s/he’ll be hanging out with.  I guess it’s also like having to do #2.  Find out why designing is like taking a sh**–>

Why Designing is Like Taking a Shit by the Googly GooeysMore Comics About Toilets here:
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Googly Gooeys Meanwhile Section Thank You Tatt Awards
Hello everyone! It’s the last 2.5 hours of the Tatt Awards 2013 voting period! We’d like to thank everyone who voted & helped us campaign Thank you also for joining us in all our #CreateAndShoot sessions.  It makes all the minutes & hours spent on preparing an Instagram entry more meaningful.  Thank you also to @ChooseTattoo for including us as an Instagram Phenom of the Year Finalist. P.S. You can still vote on The Tatt Awards 2013 Website 🙂

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Why Designing is Like Taking a Sh**
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10 years ago

This is very true! haha I even go out sometimes so I can have inspiration to poo haha

10 years ago

Haha this happens to me when I write (or try to) book reviews 😛

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