Googly Gooeys The Toothpaste Issue How Some people Squeeze Their Toothpaste "Squeeze Gently from the Bottom" How Others Do It "Why do you always have to do this?" "What impact does it have on your life anyway?"

Toothpaste Issues!

Toothpaste Issues: As a newly married couple, this is what we’re dealing with right now.  I used to have my own bathroom and there was no one to complain about how I squeezed my toothpaste tube.  Well, yes, occasionally my parents would complain about it but I didn’t act on it since I figured it was no big deal and that it won’t affect anyone’s life in the sense that I don’t think anyone can die from a poorly pressed toothpaste tube. Hehe.

Well, this week, Ponggo & I were threshing out our cleanliness issues at home & I realized that I’m more obsessive with the big stuff like putting things back where they came from while he was more particular about the tinier stuff–how I would leave bubbles on the sink or how I would randomly press our toothpaste tube.   So I came up with this!  It’s just amazing that so many people argue about this out of sheer OC-ness although one of our Tumblr readers pointed out that it’s the fact that she made so much effort in pressing it properly and someone has destroyed it that bother her.

How about you? How do you press your toothpaste tube? 😉



P.S. More Toilet comics here 😉 (Yes! We do have a handful under this topic) 😉



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Eric Jay
Eric Jay
7 years ago

Pressing from the bottom, that way I don’t end up having a toothpaste that’s too runny when i’m halfway using it.
Btw, Wow i love the art works.hehe