I Think I am Tired

I'm only tired when I don't like where I'm shopping Googly Gooeys

When we’re out of the country, Ponggo’s the type who walks like a robot.  As it seems, he never gets tired especially when it’s around 10 degrees or lower.  He’d be sweet enough to go with me to art supply shops & bookstores. He’d take me to colorful furniture stores. However, when it’s his turn to look for gadgets & car stuff, everything suddenly becomes so uninteresting to me.  My adrenalin from seeing (and wanting to buy) all those cutesy happy things and geometric stuff fades away and my body tells me that I’m sleepy, I’m hungry or that I’m extra sensitive to the change in temperature and for some reason, I feel that I’m about to get sick.  (Or am I? Really?) My mind tells me that I think I am tired. Then, suddenly, I get better when I see a huge SALE 70% OFF sign at the window of one of my favorite stores!

Waah..Sorry Ponggo but I just can’t help it.  I told you so many times that you can shop alone & I can also do my shopping without your help.  I don’t need you sitting down in what you call the loser’s bench (i.e. the boyfriend / hubby’s waiting area inside stores). 😀

I can’t promise to be more interested in cars or computers in the future (except for cameras or maybe when I need to buy a new laptop again) but I’ll try not to escape from most of your shopping trips in the future.

The Not-So-Good-Wife,

Tipsy 🙂 *Grinning with beads of sweat rolling down my temples*


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