Shopping Dilemmas & the Perks of Being an Online Shopper ;)

Googly Gooeys Shopping Dilemmas 1) When the choosing part takes 100 years... "I don't know what to buy yet. They're all so pretty" "Please make up your mind. I've been waiting here since forever." 2) The tricky price check "Please buy it already. We've already walked this far!" "Bwahahaha! Now you know how I feel when you shop?" 3) When research means legwork "Oh please! This is the 30th camera store! Can't you just research online?" "But...but..." 4) Searching for very very specific items "I'd like to find an iphone case with a chevron pattern in seafoam green." "Ummm...English please!" 5) Having to brave the bad traffic "That wasn't the type of night I had in mind..." "Tell me about it!"

While Ponggo complains that I take too long when choosing some stuff I like when I shop, he also complains that I’m impatient when it’s his turn.   Then again, what I don’t really enjoy about his shopping trips is that, he’s the type of person who looks at the same pair of golf shoes/ cameras/ rubbershoes in different malls across the metro.  Usually, it just takes me a few minutes to an hour to decide but his whoooole evaluation process takes a week or worse, even a month!   Gahhhh….I’m also irked by the fact that we have to go visit another place when he finally decides to buy what he wants to buy and just imagining the uber bad traffic we have to go through is enough to make me lose my sanity.

On the other hand, Ponggo complains that I’m a specific shopper.  I usually have something in mind and when I see something almost close but not quite to the one I really like to have, I end up almost buying it then almost not buying it then finally buying it!  Hahaha.  Before we enter a store, he actually checks if a store has this “loser’s bench” where he can stay.  He calls it such because that’s the couch where all the boyfriends and hubbies sit down while waiting for their girls / women!  And these are just a few of our shopping dilemmas.

Speaking of couch, well, how about shopping from your couch?  Just think being able to search for the stuff you want to buy, be able to compare the prices without having to sacrifice precious minutes of your life while stuck in traffic?

Well, offers just that! just like the Googly Gooeys, was a start-up site back then started by then bf-gf and now  married RJ & Arianne David ♥  Today, their site enjoys a lot of successs—think TWO BILLION in page views last year (around 7 million in page views daily). Whoa! They’re now paying it forward and giving everyone the chance to enjoy selling & shopping online.  First off, there’s the free membership and free posting of ads which is oh-so-organized down to the categories so buyers and sellers are guided as to where to look! J

If you have something to buy or sell, be it second hand or brand new, why don’t you post it on J You’re already online and you’re just a few clicks away from either making some extra moolah for that thing you have on your wish list or finally getting that phone or laptop you’ve always wanted.

It’s just interesting how makes it easy to buy & shop for all of us busy peeps (Yes, we’re always busy but we always have time to go online, right?)

Don’t forget to sign-up on after you leave this blog!

Post. Usap. Deal! J

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