My Colorful Online Shopping Wish List


Thanks or no thanks to the Instagram accounts that I browse, I end up wanting to buy lots & lots of stuff. *Oopsies!*  I’ve always wanted to come up with a chart of sorts & I finally found the time.  Here’s my colorful online shopping wish list:

Things I Love Kate Spade Saturday, Pantone Journal, Beci Orpin's Find & Keep, Urban Outfitters Acid Etched Letters

  1. Kate Spade Saturday’s Cubic Zippered Pouch—I can’t seem to keep my eyes off this pouch ever since @katespade on Instagram announced that it has a new brand @ks_Saturday.
  2. Pantone Chips Journal –I’ve been wanting to buy this for over a year now!  A blank journal needs some colorful inspiration!  The chips would also make a good color scheme reference if & when you’re running out of ideas.
  3. Beci Orpin’s Find & Keep – Speaking of colorful inspiration, check out this book by Beci Orpin & you shall never run out of happy projects.
  4. Acid Etched Letters – I wanted these for our wedding but we didn’t have enough time. L I always tell brides that if they’re buying any styling material for their wedding, it should be something that they can also use at home aside from the party.  J These letters would also make lovely accents & conversation pieces.

The one thing that’s stopping me from shopping online is that I’m scared of all the exhorbitant charges that goes with shipping products from the U.S. to the Philippines. I was soooo happy when I find out that my favorite stores are finally within reach! *Best news ever!* I’ve been daydreaming about having these stuff for sooooo long!

Here’s how I’m planning to get them—tax free..and I don’t have to fill up a whoooole box just to have these shipped. *Yeahhhh!*

How to Buy Online Using Your Phone Using Gcash Amex

Globe has a new product & it’s called GCash American Express Virtual Pay.  It’s like your virtual credit card that helps you fulfill that online shopping wish list of yours!  All you have to do is click on “Sign Up for your 1 month free trial” on Gcash American Express Virtual Pay website. Since Gcash American Express Virtual Pay is tied up with, you’ll get a U.S. address which means that:

1)      You’ll get low shipping charges

2)      You’re able to shop on your favorite U.S. websites that only accept U.S. credit cards

It also means you’ll finally get to buy the stuff that you can’t find locally or those that you know are cheaper in the U.S. such as Kindle, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Coach, Urban Outfitters (My favourite!) & Sephora. *Ahhh..Imagine the savings!*  ­You can even use it to buy apps from the App store! 🙂

The nice thing about Gcash Amex is that you get to track everything online by dialing *143#–a pop-up menu where you can access all your details or via the Gcash App which is available for Blackberry, Windows, iPhone & Android! 😉  Finally, since it is a virtual credit card, you can change your security code in case you feel it is compromised. *Whew!*

Here, I’ve rounded up more happy stuff for you guys to check out:

Fun Stuff Globe Gcash Amex Virtual Pay WIsh List Tattly Designy Tattoos, Cursing Bandages by Urban Outfitters, Porcelain Keys by Poketo & Threadess I Hate Vegans Iphone Case

  1. Tattly’s Designy Temporary Tattoos—…because fun tattoos don’t need to be painful 😉 Perfect for those who have (design) commitment issues too!
  2. Cursing Bandages by Urban Outfitters – This is what you say anyway when you accidentally hit the corner of a table or when you walk over a lego block.  *Yeouch!*
  3. Porcelain Keys by – I honestly can’t think of a good reason for Ponggo as to why I should have these but  my heart says I should have them & that I should also buy a vintage rack to go with this.  (Is it just me or does anyone else shop this way too? J )
  4. I Hate Vegans Iphone Case by Threadless – I’m dedicating this iPhone case to Ponggo whom I have to force to eat vegetables each time.  I feel like that mom forcing her child to eat healthy food.  And no, don’t take us too literally.  We don’t hate vegans but we find it amusing when some of their food swims in lots of oillllll (as well).


So, what are you waiting for?  Star shopping now! 😉 *wink, wink*

Go to the Gcash American Express Virtual Pay website & check out their easy, breezy beautiful steps. *Ahh…sorry..too much ANTM back in the day.*

P.S. Wait for our next post & find out what we’ve shopped for! Ponggo’s also working on his wish list too 😉

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Cymbelly Marzan
10 years ago

May I ask how you are going to get the items? Do they deliver to your doorstep?

10 years ago

What other items are you selling?Do you have bigger plush?

10 years ago

1 month trial only? After that, you have to pay na?

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