Googly Gooeys Five Kinds of Busy
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The Five Kinds of Busy

Well, first of all, I do miss this coming up with comics in this format.  The sad news is, I don’t think it actually think the horizontal orientation is working well with the website’s new format. Oh well. I’ve put off some schedules because I’m busier than ever in all aspects of my life.  If

Googly Gooeys Life of a Workaholic

Life of a Workaholic

My best friend (who lives on the other side of this world) & I were just chatting and this topic came up thus the workaholic cartoon: I think I’ve already written here a lot of times that I cannot not work.  Even when I’m supposedly “resting”, I have to be busy in some sort of

Googly Gooeys Tips on How to be Productive1

Tips on How to be More Productive

Tips on How to be More Productive Productive. That’s how we pretty much want our days want to be.  Well, I’m sharing these tips not because I’m the most producitve person that you’ll find.  Actually, I wrote this down as a reminder to myself.  One day, I was able to go through lots of documents

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The Cycle of Laziness

Do you find yourself trapped in the cycle of laziness? If so, which stage are you on? Below are more vicious cycles: Today’s Tasks The Life of Your Earphones Lack of Sleep: A Vicious Cycle The Cleaning Cycle Love-Hate Relationship Cycle The Vicious Cycle of Dieting The Life Cycle of a Song

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