Beating Deadlines + Celina de Guzman’s Cold Milk Culprits Exhibit at Heima Brixton

When I’m inspired, I try to get things done right away.  However, sadly, I have to force myself to do stuff all the time! Ugh. Anyone else suffering from this?

Googly Gooeys Beating Deadlines When the deadline's far away: "I'll probably work on it next week." 3 nights before the deadline: "Well, there's still time. I think I can manage" The night before the deadline: "I hate myself! Why didn't I do this earlier?" Upon beating the deadline: "I knew it! I can do it in less than a day! Woohoo!"

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Googly Gooeys Meanwhile Celina de Guzman's First Solo Exhibit at Heima Brixton





Ponggo & I went to see Celina de Guzman’s a.k.a. @celdee’s first solo exhibit entitled Cold Milk Culprits at Heima Brixton last Saturday night.   I’ve been seeing previews of this both on Heima &  Celdee’s Instagrams so I was so excited to see the actual work!

Good Fight by Celina de Guzman, Cold Mlik Culprits, Heima Brixton

Good Night, Good Fight (Acrylic & Graphite on Paper)

This is one of my two favorite pieces.  This is waaaaay cooler than your average #pugstagram #catsofinstagram entries, don’t you think?  I don’t actually think this photo justifies the real thing.  Her works are all so seamless you have to see it up close (and personal).

Celina de Guzman at Heima Brixton Coldmilk Culprits Exhibit

This is Celina addressing the audience.  Heima Brixton was packed!  It’s always so refreshing meet someone so unassuming, gracious and very talented! 🙂

02 Favourite Piece from Celina de Guzman, Cold Milk Culprits, Heima Exhibit

Songs For Second Borns (Acrylic & Graphite on Paper)

This is my other favorite piece of hers!  To this day, I’m still bugging Ponggo to allow me to bring this home! 🙂  If you’re kind enough, please comment on this blog or e-mail Ponggo at ponggo[at]googlygooeys[dot]com & help me convince him! 🙂 You may also remind him that my birthday is just around the corner. Hopefully that would help. *Wink, wink*


10 Cold Milk & Cookies, Celina de Guzman, Cold Milk Culprits, Heima Brixton

Well, it can’t really be called the Cold Milk Culprits without some cold milk & cookies that Celina has baked herself under the brand Sweetleaf! 🙂 She claims it to be her stress buster.  Ahh..I missed the first batch of white chocolate with wasabi cookies! They disappeared too quickly!  Baking aside, Celina  is currently the Executive Creative Director at Trifecta Visual Communications.  She also holds a bachelors degree in Visual Communication from the UP College of Fine Arts.  I’m always in awe of people who already know what they want to do in life by the time they go to college!

Artworks by Celina de Guzman, Cold Milk Culprits, Heima Brixton

It’s so easy to get absorbed by these illustrations which is like a soup of contradictions.   As you marvel at her works, try not to gape in awe and remember that you’re in a public place–a quirky & colorful one at that 😉

Celina de Guzman's Coasters, Co;d

Celdee’s artworks also comes in bite-sized pieces!  Heima is also selling costers–perfect gifts for pug-loving friends ❤

Music by No Rome at Heima Brixton

That night, Nights of Rizal, No Rome and SimilarObjects performed.  A friend of ours instantly got hooked to Nights of Rizal’s tracks and I’m happy to share with your their soundcloud account.  🙂  On nights like these, it’s so easy to get lost in the crowd until a curious sound enters your stream of consciousness and you go, “Hmm…What track are they playing?” then you look at the DJ’s booth and whoa..someone is singing live so flawlessly!

Heima Brixton Crowd

If you want a break from your usual playlist, I say don’t miss any of Heima’s future events and discover how much more awesome-ER Filipino music is!  *Yes, I know. A bunch of you just spotted some grammatically illegal superlatives.*  Speaking of crowds & fresh sounds, congratulations again Celdee on your first solo exhibit! 🙂


Tipsy  ❤

P.S. Get a load of Celdee’s works on your desktop & Instagram feed ❤

Celdee Logo
Instagram: @celdee

P.P.S. The exhibit will be up for a month so don’t forget to drop by Heimastore Brixton in Kapitolyo Pasig.
P.P.P.S. If you’re a foodie, the steak at Mad Marks’s, Kapitolyo is really good too! 😀

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