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Letters & Colors Iloilo

We’re very grateful to have held Letters & Colors in Iloilo together with Abbey Sy organized by the Advertising students of Central Philippine University! 🙂 We had a blast last weekend and we really enjoyed meeting new faces and lots of good coffee and food. First of, this is something that we didn’t expect to

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Letters & Colors Iloilo

Two things I wished for this year that I thought were so far from happening: (a) be able to hold workshops in different parts of the Philippines ?? (b) participate in an outreach program, specifically the one wherein I get to actually be the one to teach. I’m writing this as I’m inside the plane

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Letters & Colors Workshop

When I first sat down with Abbey in December 2014 for some supposed art session-turned-four-hours-of-talk, the last thing I had in mind was a collab workshop.  To boot, I knew we had very different styles.  As we went along with our projects, we both knew we were working with very different palettes.  Also, I had

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Brush Lettering for DIY Parties

Whew!  What a week.  I was holding workshops & attending meetings and events the past 5 days.  I promised myself I will take a day off.  Well, what I meant by it was I’ll be spending more time with Riley & working (at lightning speed) while he sleeps. 😀 I opened my schedule to accommodate

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Of Exercise & Refilling the Calories Burned

Today, I really wanted to concentrate on my deadline.  But Ponggo noticed  I was getting burned out so I decided to start my day by exercising in the morning instead.  After that, I found myself refilling the calories I’ve burned. *Oops* People ask me why I still exercise, well, I always do for my mood

Inky Doodles at HK M Poster
GOOGLY GOOEYS, metro manila

Inky Doodles Workshop at Mateo’s & Hey Kessy

Hello Everyone! I’m excited to announce the Inky Doodles Workshop schedules for October! 🙂  This workshop will cover basic watercolor & inking. The materials included are as follows: 8-color Prang Set 1 Round Watercolor Brush Calligraphy Pen Holder Copperplate Nib 270gsm / 300gsm Watercolor Worksheets Ink Worksheets 1 HB Steadtler Pencil 1 Dust Free Eraser

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